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Trying Hard in Bed? Study Explains Why Some Women Can’t *rgas*

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Trying Hard in Bed? Study Explains Why Some Women Can't *rgas*

Trying Hard in Bed? Study Explains Why Some Women Can’t *rgasm*

If you and your partner have been having some difficulty with your woman reaching *rgas* through penetrative l0vemaking, then you are not alone. This is a common issue for many women. Certainly it’s not the woman’s fault! It just happens so that the woman’s chief *rgasmi* organ is quite complex – and a new study reveals that there may be a biological reason for women having difficulty reaching *rgas* through traditional, penetrative l0vemaking. More than P***s size or position, the female 0rgas* through penetrative l0vemaking really depends on her unique clitoris. Read on to learn why some women physically can’t *rgas* through penetrative l0vemaking and then learn some techniques you can try to help her reach the Big 0 in other ways. With a little practice and by working together in bed, you both can feel satisfied when you slip under the sheets. Our quick guide of tips will get you there:

Tip #1: Where the Clitoris is Located Matters

Did you know that researchers at Indiana University discovered that the clit0ris is located in different spots near the vag!na in different women. As the clit0ris is forming in the womb, hormone changes can affect that location. And when it forms too far from the vag!nal opening – about one inch or more – then it is nearly physically impossible to achieve an *rgas* through penetrative l0vemaking in traditional positions. This is revolutionary news for the health field and proves what we have known about the biology of the human body for a long time – it is complex and there is always something new to discover as we become better at helping our partner feel happy and satisfied in bed. With this news, it means you’ll have to get a little creative in how you approach the Big O for your woman. Continue reading for a few fun ideas.

Tip #2: Woman on Top

Many women report being able to achieve the Big O if they are on top during l0vemaking. This makes a great deal of sense – even for a woman whose clitoris is a bit too far from her v***nal opening — because she is able to control the direction and the depth of the p***s inside her. When a woman has an 0rgas* while on top, it is not a vag!nal 0rgas* alone, just for the record. The woman is putting pressure on the man’s stomach and pelvis – so the bottom line is that it really is a team effort all the way around!

Tip #3: 0rgasmi* 0ral

Many women love 0ral acts, and if she is unable to get the Big O through traditional penetrative l0vemaking, then try going down on her. This is win-win for both parties if you especially love 0ral, and you’ll make her feel incredible if you keep practicing the right techniques. Have fun with it and try new things. Explore and be adventurous, and you both will get better at satisfying each other in bed.

In conclusion, did you know that the majority of women fake *rgas*s? Some studies report that as high as 75 percent of women fake the Big 0. Many times that’s because they don’t want to disappoint you or they are experiencing some kind of performance anxiety. But it also could be because they are not completely comfortable with their bodies or with you in bed.

Knowing these things gives you some information to work with. Make your woman feel beautiful and tell her what you love about her body. Help her gain some confidence by hearing what you love and feeling what you love about her – and you’ll be opening her up to having the Big O. Now that you know there is a biological reason for why some women might not be able to 0rgas*, you can move on to other possibilities for helping her reach the Big O and feel satisfied in bed. L0vemaking that is truly satisfying comes from love, understanding and partnership. You two will need to work together to make each other happy, and practice always makes perfect! With this new knowledge, start looking for new ways to please your woman in bed and make her happy.

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