10 Thoughts He Has in Mind During $*x

10 Thoughts He Has in Mind During $*x

10 Thoughts He Has in Mind During $*x

By nature, lovemaking is a social endeavor, and while the healthiest form of lovemaking entails some degree of communication beforehand, this does not mean it is a gabfest. Quite often, couples may discuss lovemaking prior to set some boundaries and ensure that both parties consent and engage in only previously agreed upon activities, but once the rubber meets the road so to speak, things can get relatively nonverbal in a hurry—unless something truly awful happens. This may leave you wondering what is going on through a man’s head when he is engaged in the act of lovemaking, and the answer is, quite possibly, “a lot.” Here are 10 of the most common or oddest things a man may be thinking during the act of lovemaking.

1. She Sure Is Making a lot of Noise
Men often judge their self-esteem based on their ability to please a woman during lovemaking. As such, they often look for context clues that they are performing adequately. One such clue is a woman’s vocalizations. However, too enthusiastic of a vocal response may cause a man to wonder if the woman if faking it.

2. Okay, Now She is Not Making Any Noise
As mentioned before, men seek context to clue to know if their partner is enjoying herself. While too much noise may cause the man to wonder if she is faking it for his ego’s benefit, no noise at all can cause him to wonder if she is even enjoying herself or not.

3. Man, I Am Out of Shape
In most $exual positions, the man is providing the lion’s share of the motion. This is not always the case, but due to the nature of the act, it is often the man who does the thrusting. Depending on the man’s state of physical shape, he may be tiring which could cause a sense of inadequacy.

4. I wonder How Many Other People She Has Been With
If the man has not already broached this subject prior to coitus, it is often perfectly natural for him to wonder about the number of sexual partners his current partner has previously been engaged with. There are deep-seated evolutionary reasons for why this occurs, just so long as it does not become an obsessive or judgmental factor.

5. I Hope My Breath and/or Body Smells Good
Again, men often seek validation of their selves through their love partner. In this case, the man is less concerned with his $exual performance and more worried about the ambience his being presents in the situation. A man may further be concerned about how the woman will feel about him after the act if his hygiene was not up to par.

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