Cuddling With Partner: Right and Wrong Ways

Cuddling With Partner: Right and Wrong Ways

Cuddling can be a great way to connect with a partner and enforce your relationship bond, especially in a struggling relationship. This quirky educational parody video, “Cuddling: The Right Way to Sleep” explains different forms of cuddling and how to properly hold your partner to get a good night’s sleep. Comedy troupe Friends in Real Life present a silly mock PSA for couples everywhere. Partners watching this video are more likely to get a good belly laugh than to learn anything new about love!


This video is brought to you by the fictional “Council For Happy Mommies and Daddies” and intended for seasoned snuggle buddies who would like to add !ntimacy back into their love life. The first section explains classic positions such as “spooning,” where a couple lays front to back. However, traditional cuddling can go hilariously wrong and wrongly hilarious as we see in this video!

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With animal positions, movie references, and more, the jokesters at Friends In Real Life put our video cuddlers in funny and awkward situations to give viewers a great laugh. Mimicking a 1950’s educational video, this black and white short will have you smiling with your partner in no time.

A bit risque, a bit sweet, and a bit of shock value, “Cuddling: The Right Way to Sleep” should probably only be watched by mature viewers due to adult subject matter. While this video doesn’t exactly serve the learned purpose it promised at the start, viewers will have a blast watching it anyway.