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The Shortage of Happiness

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The Shortage of Happiness

Okay, there really isn’t a shortage, but so many people act like they will run out of it if they use it, they save it for special occasions like the linen tablecloth embroidered by grandma and the good china. I heard a story about Minnesotans the other day, they have felt happiness, but they know if they wait it will soon pass, I know way too many people like this.


Happiness makes more happiness, it is physically impossible to run out. You could use happiness all day every day and never once have to ask for a refill, I promise. You can use ten tons of happiness, turn the corner, and there will be 20 tons waiting. All you need to find happiness is to believe in it, and make it yours.

Spend time every day doing something you love, learning to play guitar or piano or the tuba, include music in your life every day. Include things of beauty in your life as well, art, flowers, laughter. Fill your life with family and friends who love you, online and offline.  Your happiness is in your hands, find it, keep it, share it, it will multiply like nothing you have ever seen.

If you keep spreading the happiness around, no one else will ever run out either, it can be your own personal happiness project!

For anyone with depression issues, I am not trying to downplay that at all, but a common sense approach to creating your own happiness goes very well as an added part of your health care treatment, it really works.









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