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7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

• Make your bedroom a haven
As much as possible keep everyday chaos away from your bedroom. Keeping the lighting warm and intimate while using comfortable bed sheets is essential to make your bedroom appropriate for sleeping.

• Proper dressing
When you are going to sleep, it is important to not wear tight clothing. Take out any pins or hair pieces and put on loose clothes. Cotton pyjamas or shorts are recommended. The clothes that you wear at night should be properly washed and should not have any unpleasant smell.

• Listen to good music
Before going to bed you can listen to some nice soothing music. Doing so relaxes the mind and takes you away from the entire day’s stress. Playing rock music or heavy metal is not advised as it might not lead you to sleep.

7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

• Take a bath
Taking a relaxing warm water bath is a good thing to do before you go to sleep. It leaves you feeling clean and relaxed. Studies have shown that taking a bath provides you at least three hours of good rest with slower movements than without the bath.

• Don’t drink and sleep
You should not drink anything just before going to sleep. At the same time you should ensure that you do drink at least 2 litres of water during the day. A well hydrated body will not let thirst interrupt your sleep, however if you drink a glass of water just before you go to sleep, you might have to get up to relieve yourself.

• Stick to a sleep schedule
You should go to sleep and wake up everyday at the same time with weekends being no exception. Avoiding changes to your sleep schedule enhances your sleep-wake cycle and helps in getting a more sound sleep.

• Limit day time naps
Long naps during the day should be avoided. If it is important to nap during the day, try to limit to 10-30 minutes. Also lack of physical activity during the day time acts as a detractor of a sound night sleep.

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