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How to Know if You’re Dating a Player

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How to Know if You're Dating a Player

Dating Coach Advice: How to Know if You’re Dating a Player

Do you find yourself looking at your man, wondering if he is truly the one for you? Do you often look past things that your friends say are glaringly obvious signs that he is using or cheating on you? Do you sneak onto his phone, finding suspicious texts from the ex? Okay, while that last one is pretty obvious, this video will help you answer your burning questions about whether or not to kick that guy to the curb.


Investing yourself in a relationship only to find out that Prince Charming has been charming the pants off of the wicked stepsister is hard enough. But staying in that situation too long only makes leaving that much harder. Dating coaches Suzanne Oshima and Hunt Ethridge will guide you through what signs to look for when determining if that hunk is worth your time.

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Dating these days is complicated enough, so do not waste your time on users and losers! You are worth much more, and with a few tips will know exactly what not to look for in a man.

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