5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

5 Surprising Reasons Why the Least He Lasts Makes Him a Better Husband

Tip #3: Saying No

Remember those guys you were with in college – who had major endurance? Yes, that can be fun. No one’s denying it. But do you remember what those guys were like? They were arrogant and they often were playing the field. In the end, it wasn’t about pleasing you and seeing you happy. It was about getting what they wanted. Men who last forever in bed also often carry a selfish and arrogant attitude with them. So if that’s the tradeoff, maybe you do want you sweet and understanding husband. Maybe he won’t be able to make you happy as soon as you want it, but the issues he is facing will give him an opportunity to consider what is important and to work to make you happy in whatever way he can. He’ll be more attentive and appreciative in the end.

Tip #4: Say Hello to Sleep

When your husband lasts for a short amount of time, that means more snoozing for you. At the end of the day, the world doesn’t revolve around the bedroom. Your sleep does! You’ll both be happier and healthier with the right amount of sleep.

Tip #5: Sneaky, Sneaky

What’s more loving than showing the person you’re married to that you really care about him in an exciting and spontaneous way? When your husband lasts a short amount of time in bed, you can achieve that quick, thrilling encounter with ease!

If you’re struggling in your married life, you’re not alone. Many couples face issues in bed that they have to consciously work on together. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair – talk to your husband and begin charting a plan for how you will make each other happy. In the end, a man who lasts least in bed actually makes an incredible husband because he’s likely to me more attentive, understanding, sensitive and humble. Who doesn’t want a partner like that? Remember these five surprising tips as you are working out your next steps with the love of your life. You’ll become a partner in the process as well. Finally, communicate with your love about what you do and do not like.