Find Out What Your Partner’s Favorite L0vemaking Position Says About Him

Find Out What Your Partner's Favorite L0vemaking Position Says About Him

Find Out What Your Partner’s Favorite L0vemaking Position Says About Him

From Behind – Almost every man enjoys this position because it is linked to a feeling of animalistic passion. Men who are in positions of power often enjoy this position because they like to feel in charge. However, some studies have also linked a preference for this position to a fear of intimacy. Some men who exclusively prefer this position do not enjoy romance or desire a close and affectionate relationship. These types of men often attempt to avoid conflict or pick a meek partner who will not challenge them. It is always fun to enjoy a walk on the wild side with your partner, but you may want to try encouraging a man who always chooses this position to try something more !ntimate.

Standing Up – Men who like to make love while standing up are normally more of an adventurous and playful type. They often desire to have physical closeness in unconventional locations, and classic positions done in the bedroom may seem boring to this type of male partner. Sometimes, a preference for this position may be tied to a thrill of being caught, so these men may enjoy taking unnecessary risks in other parts of their lives. Though this type of playful partner who craves adrenaline can be fun, they may have difficulty settling down and committing to one partner.

Sp00ning – This position is closely linked to cuddling, so it is no surprise that most men who prefer this position are very romantic. They often desire a sweet relationship filled with mutual love, and this type of man tends to be a little emotional and sensitive. These men may crave affection, but they are still confident because they are willing to try an unconventional position.

Though your partner’s personality may be revealed by his favorite position, you do not always have to use the same old positions while love making. Many studies done on the subject of physical closeness have revealed that most relationships only use a couple of positions in bed. However, the couples who are most satisfied in their physical relationship tend to focus on trying new things and communicating their wants and needs. Though it is perfectly reasonable for your partner to have a favorite position, switching it up every now and then can be good for your relationship.