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Women Reveal 5 Pros and Cons of Having Fake Boobs

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Women Reveal 5 Pros and Cons of Having Fake Boobs

Women Reveal 5 Pros and Cons of Having Fake Boobs

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Fake boos surgery is an extremely personal decision. For 25 year old Aly Walansky, her smaller breasts left her feeling insecure and unconfident, so she decided to get plastic surgery. Though she fully researched the experience before booking the surgery, Aly was still unprepared for the results. Most of the consequences of having breast surgery were good, and Aly ended up saying that have larger breasts allowed her to “truly feel more feminine and comfortable in my skin.” However, she was surprised to learn that there were some downsides to the surgery she had been dreaming of for years. When getting a boob job, there are many advantages, but some downsides also exist.


Plus – More Confidence

This is the biggest benefit of breast augmentation. Almost every woman who has one claims that she ends up feeling more confident and beautiful. After a lifetime spent worrying about small breast sizes, many women love getting to feel happy and attractive.

Minus – They Don’t Always Look Realistic

Advances in plastic surgery have led to incredibly realistic looking fake breasts, but it is impossible for them to look realistic 100 percent of the time. Every now and then, people may notice that your breasts do not look completely natural.

Plus – They Will Always Be There

The first thing many women worry about when losing weight is the potential loss of breast size. For women with boob jobs, they never have to be concerned that their breasts will deflate and sag.

Minus – Surgical Risks

Though it is mostly safe, breast augmentation is still a major surgery which exposes people to unnecessary health risks. Women who have one done are often shocked by how lengthy the healing process is, and there is a minimal chance that severe medical complications could happen. If the body rejects the implant or the implant ruptures, it is possible that life threatening medical issues could occur.


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Plus – Clothes Fit Better

Most clothing, regardless of size, is created to fit the classic hourglass figure. After getting a breast augmentation, many women are thrilled to be able to finally wear form fitting garments without having the upper portion look too saggy and loose. Getting to ditch bulky, pricey padded bras is a huge benefit.

Minus – Exercising May Be Harder

Depending on whether the implants are placed behind or in front of muscles, it can severely limit your exercising capability. Activities that tighten the pectoral muscles can be uncomfortable or impossible with implants.

Plus – Improved Overall Appearance

Breast augmentation surgery does not just make breasts bigger. While adding implants, surgeons can quickly and safely correct uneven breasts, nipple abnormalities, or any uneven textures within the chest.

Minus – Breastfeeding Can be Harder

Breastfeeding after a fake boobs job is not always impossible, but it can be significantly harder if the implant interferes with anything essential. If nerves or milk ducts were cut during the surgery, the woman may not be able to breastfeed later on.

Plus – More Satisfactory lovemaking Life

Though most women get a fake boobs job for themselves, there’s no denying that it can have a big effect on their $exual partners. 70 percent of women surveyed after a breast augmentation said that they were far more satisfied with their closeness after fake boobs surgery. With the confidence created by larger breasts, women are able to more easily find partners and ask for what they need in bed.

Minus – Loss of Sensation

One of the most common side effects of breast augmentation surgery is a loss of sensation in the nipples. This can make physical intimacy less pleasurable for some women, and it can just be unpleasant and odd feeling in general.

The many pros and cons to getting breast augmentation surgery make it a medical procedure that should only be done after carefully thinking it through. Aly ultimately concluded “I’m about 95 percent happy with my boobs. I love them, I really do, but it’s never going to be perfect.” After weighing the pros and cons of getting a boob job, you may be able to decide if the surgery is right for you.

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