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Study Linked THIS Common Vitamin Deficiency To Your Joint And Back Pain

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Study Linked THIS Common Vitamin Deficiency To Your Joint And Back Pain

A recent study performed by the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry has discovered that there is a definite link between low vitamin D levels and a person experiencing frequent back and joint pain. When the source of the pain is unknown, there are a number of factors that should be investigated. Vitamin D levels are one of these factors and often ignored by the medical community.


Chronic Back Pain
As one of the most common and leading causes of medical disability, back pain in a chronic form can really affect a person’s quality of life as well as their ability to perform mundane, daily tasks. When the cause of the pain cannot easily be identified, it becomes harder to treat. Doctors began to suspect Vitamin D levels might have an effect on joint and back pain because of the link between Vitamin D and bone health.

The Study
This study that was performed in India took a close look at sun exposure and common ailments. Two hundred patients were followed, all of which had lower back pain to some degree. Two hundred controls were used as well. All of the patients involved in the study had their Vitamin D levels checked throughout the study. Inflammation levels were also monitored. It was concluded that approximately half of the patients involved in the study who had back pain were also suffering from low Vitamin D levels. Inflammation levels were also increased in those people with back pain.

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The patients in the study that were suffering from chronic back pain were given Vitamin D supplements in order to treat the condition. Most of the participants responded well to this therapy and experienced improvements. In many areas of the world where sunlight is not abundant and prevalent year round, Vitamin D supplements are highly recommended. Not only for back pain and joint pain, but also for heart health, nervous system function and a healthy immune system.

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The Importance Of Vitamin D
Generally, when a medical professional recommends that Vitamin D supplementation should take place, an average daily dosage is about 2,000 IU. In areas of the world where winters are cold are dark, patients can take up to 8,000 IU’s of Vitamin D safely. Having adequate levels of Vitamin D in the blood stream is important in order to regulate calcium absorption and also phosphorus absorption. Healthy bones and healthy teeth rely on Vitamin D and you can also protect your body from conditions such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more.

While not all doctors currently are informed on the relationship between Vitamin D levels and back and joint pain, the correlation is evident and this is worth mentioning if you have been suffering from this type of pain. It is incredibly hard to overdose on Vitamin D and the effects are beneficial. No real side effects are usually experienced with this type of supplement and is tolerated by the majority of most people taking the product. A high quality Vitamin D supplement is preferred and will work more effectively. It can take some time to build levels back up in the body, so immediate results might not be present.

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Study Linked THIS Common Vitamin Deficiency To Your Joint And Back Pain

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