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This 5-Step Thyroid Healing Plan Reverses Inflammation, Overcomes Fatigue, And Improve Poor Metabolism

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This 5-Step Thyroid Healing Plan Reverses Inflammation, Overcomes Fatigue, And Improve Poor Metabolism

Your thyroid plays a huge role to your overall health. It is located right at the base of the neck below the Adam’s Apple area. It works together with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the brain. The thyroid is mainly responsible for releasing thyroid hormones throughout your bloodstream. These hormones oftentimes called the liothyronine and levothyroxine.These deal with all the cells throughout the body to control different functions. When you don’t get enough, you potentially slow your body down, leading to hypothyroidism. Having too much, however, can eventually lead to hyperthyroidism. These hormonal imbalances are crucial to fix in order to have a maintained metabolism and a healthy life.

Thyroid Healing Plan

Regulating your thyroid hormonal levels is more than possible by eating the right foods and maintaining your health, but there are other ways to accomplish improvement. An ancient Tibetan practice using a simple five-step process allows you to achieve regulation of your thyroid. It will help open up the energy flow in the thyroid glands regardless of whether you have a hyperthyroid or hypothyroid condition.

Step One

Spend the first 30 seconds rubbing your hands together to get the heat going. Try to experience a sense of warmth from your hands. Apply your hands on the thyroid section of the neck. Leave this there for about 10 minutes.

Step Two

You should then swallow your saliva three times in a row, and then drink three sips of water.

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Step Three

In this step, you should first exhale and then tilt your head forward while placing your chin as hard as possible towards your chest. Hold this position for several seconds while holding in your breath. When you breathe in again, raise the head and tighten the neck as you start looking upward. Place the lower lip over the top lip and do this as you inhale. Stay in this position for several seconds before you exhale and lower your head again back to your chest.

Step Four

As the head lays on the chest, rotate to the left slowly and to the right without moving your chin away from the chest. This will help massage the thyroid glands naturally.

Step Five

In this final step, all you have to do is lift the head by breathing in, and then make sure to lower it as you exhale. Do this about 10 times.

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This simple five-step program is perfect to do and can allow for you to experience healing with plenty of future health improvement with your thyroid glands. It’s the perfect thyroid healing system that can help improve the function of your thyroid. It’s key to consider doing this at least once or twice in a day for several weeks before you experience some kind of improvement.

Will This Work Effectively?

The reason why this works perfectly is because it stretches and moves the swallowing muscles throughout your throat. It can work very effectively if you do it consistently. Some people may say results do take time, and this is why you must accompany it with good exercise and daily workouts mixed with cardio.

This five-step thyroid healing program can help get you better health and a stronger functioning thyroid. The key is to do them at least twice a day or so to get the full effect. If you are afraid it isn’t working fast enough, consulting your doctor for any advice on other natural remedies you could do can be very helpful. Combining a healthy diet, consistent exercise, and doing this natural ancient Tibetan exercise daily can eventually improve your thyroid glands to functioning better.

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