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6 Ways to Relieve Your Baby’s Discomfort

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6 Ways to Relieve Your Baby’s Discomfort

6 Ways to Relieve Your Baby’s Discomfort

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The moment you meet your newborn is like no other. The emotion you feel when gazing at the little person you just helped create is nothing short of pure love. But they didn’t, unfortunately, come with an owner’s manual and they also can’t verbalize the things that might be causing them discomfort. When your baby is crying, he’s trying to tell you something. Learning to soothe them naturally will make everyone more restful and relaxed and allow you to focus on bonding with your baby.

Babies are born with stomachs that have trouble digesting many enzymes until certain months later. They are also sensitive to being apart from their mothers and want to be held. Societal demands and bad parenting advice can cause babies to be inconsolable or “colicky,” which is a huge stress on both baby and parent. Try some of the methods below to safely and naturally relieve your baby’s discomfort and relieve the entire family.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is not difficult or time consuming, but many parents haven’t tried it. That may because we are so scared of accidentally hurting our precious new additions. Rest assured that gently massaging your child may bring you both relief and a better sleep.

Try first giving your baby a warm bath and getting them unclothed in a warm room. Leave the diaper off and place your baby on a stable and cleanable surface. Work from the shoulders down and gently rub your baby’s arms and the back of his head with your thumbs and forefingers. If you suspect trouble within the gut, massage very gently around the tummy and upper things and bottom. This might greatly relieve any gas pain.


Though multiple types of formula are available in many different formats such as lactose free, there is no substitute for breastmilk and the amazing properties it carries to help babies grow healthily. Mother’s milk contains multiple enzymes that help develop a healthy gut and also the act of breastfeeding is natural and promotes bonding between mother and baby. If you are having trouble there are many resources available to help. Try contacting your local La Leche League or hospital lactation support group.

Baby Wearing

Proven to help calm restless babies, wearing babies in a sling or carrier can be not only liberating for parents but also wonderful for babies. What it allows is a sense of mobility and a way for baby to be close and bond with their caregiver. There are so many different carriers available now, that both mom and dad and even grandparents can feel close and connected.

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Gripe Water


Gripe Water can be a miracle for some families. It generally contains some carbonated fennel or other natural ingredients, and can help to settle a baby’s upset tummy. Though the ingredients are all generally considered inert, you might want to consult your pediatrician before trying gripe water with your baby.

Walk Daily

It is very easy to feel stuck at home with a baby, but the reality is that both caregiver and baby need fresh air and a little novelty. Walking everyday is extremely beneficial to everyone’s health. Fresh air, and even having neighbors compliment you on your baby, can significantly improve the mood of the caregiver. What is good for the caregiver is very good for the baby and the quality attention he receives.

Diaper Rash

A nasty diaper rash can definitely make for a fussy baby. You may need to experiment with different diapers and wipes. If you have a consistent diaper rash for over a week you should consider any food allergies being transmitted through your breast milk. Diaper rash does not need to be commonplace, keep trying different products until you find one that works for you.

All babies cry. If we knew why they were crying all the time it would be a miracle, but trying to solve the basics will almost always lead to a happier baby and caregiver. Try to remember that it isn’t personal, and that your baby needs you and your unconditional love and support to thrive.


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