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Daily Foot Care

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Daily Foot Care

Daily our feet support pressure and forces equal to hundreds of tons, its important to treat them well and keep them healthy and clean. People often ignore their feet which can lead to foot problems. We often spend all day with shoes on which leads to moisture and sweat on your feet. This moisture gives birth to bacteria and fungus, therefore its vital to take care of them. It becomes more important to keep your feet healthy if you are a diabetic. Here are some tips on how you can keep your foot skin healthy and clean:

1. Cleansing your feet
Foot cleansing is important and the easiest way to keep your feet healthy. It involves washing your feet daily with soap and warm water. Let them dry and make sure to dry the skin between your toes. You must keep checking your foot skin on regular basis, preferably daily if you are a diabetic. You can use mirror to look at the bottom or sole of your foot. You can also cleanse your feet with warm salted water adding some drops of lemon.


2. Pedicure
Having a pedicure can be a great idea. You can give yourself a pedicure at home by following some simple steps. First soak your feet in warm soapy water for 10 minutes. Use an orange stick for pushing back your cuticles. Trim your nails straight as curving nails can cause painful ingrown nails. Some experts advise that your skin should be just a fraction of an inch above your nail margin. Then smooth your nails with an emery board.

3. Moisturizing your feet
Keep your feet moisturized by massaging them with lotion or cream. When you apply cream, make sure there is no moisture remaining between your toes in order to prevent athlete’s foot. Massaging will help keep your feet soft and supple and rejuvenate your feet. Keeping your feet moisturized will help keep away various foot problems like cracked heels and corns. In addition, you can roll your feet on a rolling pin, an unopened can, or a tennis ball on the floor. You can also use your thumbs to put pressure on the balls of your feet for 5 seconds. This will help you relieve tension and stress.

4. Wear Socks
Wearing socks should constitute part of your daily regimen. This will help you keep your feet safe from wear and tear. Socks act as a protective layer between your shoes and skin which helps keep away from blisters and calluses. Cotton or wool socks are best as they absorb unwanted moisture from your feet. As you age, the fat layer that absorbs the impact from running and walking starts getting thinner and it becomes even more important to wear cushy socks.

Take Care of Your Feet

5. Miscellaneous
When you wake up stretch your feet and move your ankles in a circular motion. Point and flex your toes and stand on the tip of your toes. This will strengthen your feet bones and muscles. Wear properly fitted shoes that give your feet enough space. Daily wash your feet while you bathe. Walking stimulates circulation and keeps your feet healthy and strong.

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