Be Fit At 50! Here’s Her Step-By-Step Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Be Fit At 50! Here’s Her Step-By-Step Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Have you experienced a moment in your life where the weight of the world seems to hit you all at once? You may find yourself tired, lethargic, unhappy, unaccomplished, and left with a feeling that you’re capable of so much more. Wendy Mills, a woman who felt this way prior to her weight loss, took matters into her own hands at the age of 46.

Weight Loss

Wendy took a critical look at her current body composition (225 lbs at 5’5″) and didn’t like what was staring back at her in the mirror. She made a pact that she would devote every ounce of her being to become the best version of herself that she could be by the time of her 50th birthday.

With 4 years of hard work ahead, Mills began to make radical changes in her life that she knew were necessary to achieve the results she desired. She began by creating micro-goals that would entice her to keep moving forward with the work required to create massive weight loss. Tiny actions like going for a walk outside, cutting back on fast food snacks, and moving around more regularly sparked the metabolic changes that created a fat burning effect. Before she knew it, Wendy had shed her first 55 pounds with relative ease and she became increasingly excited that her goals may soon become a reality.

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