Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes

Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes

I always feel like I need more hours in the day to get everything done and most likely I end up skipping the gym to do all my errands. However, when I started doing this 8 minute exercise I could see and feel significant changes in my body and mood; I mean who doesn’t have 8 minutes to spare, this exercise routine doesn’t require any special machine or the need for you to be in a gym and can be done anywhere at anytime! So, stop making excuses and get started today you’ll start looking and feeling amazing in no time!



The exercise routine is as follows:

Jumping Jacks / Cardio to get the Heart rate up 45sec
Cross Jacks 45 sec
Burpees 45 sec
Plank Hops 45 sec
Standing Wood Chops / Both sides 45 sec
Back Lunge to High Knee Hop 45 sec
Single Leg Planks 50 sec

The Video below shows you how to burn off 150 calories in 8 minutes: