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Immune Enhancing Tea That Prevents Tumor and Treats Nerve Damage

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Immune Enhancing Tea That Prevents Tumor and Treats Nerve Damage

Immune Enhancing Tea That Prevents Tumor and Treats Nerve Damage

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We are all familiar with parsley to one degree or another. You know that green leafy sprig that comes on your plate as a garnish in some restaurants. More than likely it is returned to the kitchen untouched. You may be surprised to learn that parsley has some amazing health benefits. Whether you start munching on the garnish is up to you, however there is an alternative that will keep the leaves out of your teeth, while delivering all the benefits. Parsley tea is a tonic that has been used and recognised for centuries to have properties that combat an array of disease including tumors, inflammation and even nerve damage.

Immune Enhancing Tea That Prevents Tumor and Treats Nerve Damage

It’s Latin name is Petroselinum Crispus, derived from the Greek word for rock-parsley. There are two components to the immune enhancing herb that contribute to its nutritional value. The volatile oil that consists of myristicin, limonene, eugenol and alpha-thujene, and the flavonoids including apiin, apigenin, crisoeriol and lutedin.

Myristicin has been known to inhibit tumor formation, especially in the lungs. Being a chemo protective food, parsley can neutralise some carcinogens, particularly those from tabacco smoke. Lutedin, being a powerful antioxidant, not only prevents damage to cells, but increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood.

Parsley tea is full of vitamins C and A which are both known to destroy free radicals. Partnering with folic acid and potassium, the anti-inflammatory properties are hugely beneficial. Drinking parsley tea can assist in treatment of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Symptoms of asthma, heart attack and stroke can be significantly reduced, and are helpful both before and after a diagnosis.

Damage to the nervous system, or neurotoxicity, is generally caused by pesticides, heavy metals or other toxic substances. There are numerous psychiatric and neurologic disorders that could be caused by neurotoxicity. Symptoms may include memory loss, reaction time, sleep disruption, confusion, fatigue, numbness in hands or feet and even depression. Our nervous system being a vital system to our well being, benefits from parsley tea as a preventative measure of neurotoxicity, and effective treatment of damage.

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To begin enjoying the benefits of parsley tea you will need the following ingredients:
Five sprigs of parsley, or about 1/4 cup loose leaf
Half a lemon
Honey, approximately one teaspoon

After you have thoroughly washed your parsley, put the fresh sprigs directly into your glass. Squeeze your lemon into the glass and if you so desire, place it into the glass as well. After boiling your water, carefully pour the water over the parsley and the lemon, and let it seep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the parsley and the lemon peel, if you chose to add it to the glass, and add your honey to taste.

You will be surprised at how enjoyable it is, and you will experience such amazing health benefits to so many conditions, some of which you may not even be aware that you have.

In addition to the above mentioned ailments, parsley tea is a powerful diuretic assisting in kidney and urinary tract health. The vitamin K in parsley helps keep your immune system strong. It can be used to assist in controlling your blood pressure, controlling anemia, controlling diabetes and even toning your bones. Drinking parsley tea aids in digestion, and even freshens breath. Women can experience relief from menstral discomfort with parsley tea, and postpartum women can benefit from the uterine contractions that follow drinking parsley tea, however pregnant women should avoid drinking the tea until after delivery.

Knowing how beneficial parsley tea can be, it is not difficult to add it to your daily routine of healthy choices. Whether you drink it in the morning, the evening, or pour it over ice in the afternoon, you will experience an increase of energy and relief from many discomforts. Being inexpensive, easily accessible and delicious, it is truly a miraculous tonic full of life improving properties. Drink up and be well!


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