7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

Eskimo Kiss: An Eskimo kiss is performed by rubbing your nose against another person’s. This goes beyond a friendly gesture and signals serious affection. Someone will only do this if they are completely unambiguous about their partner.

This act shows that someone is attracted to you in more than a platonic or $exual way. Long-term romantic partners often use this to show their love, but if a newer partner does it to you, it could mean they envision you as a potential serious mate.

Surprise Kiss: If someone surprises you with a kiss, it’s safe to assume that they feel comfortable with you. This isn’t something people would do with someone they are unsure about or still feeling out as a mate. A surprise kiss signifies a spontaneous burst of affection and means that someone finds you irresistibly appealing.

Light and Lingering Kiss: While french kissing shows strong attraction, light and lingering lip kisses signal sweet and gentle lovingness.

If your partner kisses you gently on the lips, they care enough to take their time, express their affection thoughtfully, and make you feel cherished. This is only something you do with someone you’ve had on your mind a lot, as it takes deliberation and intention instead of being rushed.


Kissing is never done without some type of meaning or intention. Now that we’ve decoded a few different types of kissing for you, you should be well on your way to reading the hidden signs of romance and learning more about the one you care about.