15 Things That Make You Feeling a Bloat

15 Things That Make You Feeling a Bloat

15 Things That Make You Feeling a Bloat

9. Onions

You already know that they’ll make you cry, but were you aware that onions are also a common cause of bloating? Their nutrients are good for your health but bad for your hope of a flat, gas-less stomach.

10. Corn

Corn is another healthy food that’s actually a bloated balloon in disguise. You can thank its special kind of carbohydrate that the human body struggles to break down, resulting in gas and air build-up in the belly.

11. Dehydration

You already know that dehydration can cause bloating, so if you’re not happy with the pressure in your stomach, toss back a glass of water. It may feel counter-intuitive to add more volume to a distended gut, but as soon as your body realizes that it isn’t being deprived of fluids anymore, it will let the pressure go.

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12. Smoking

It just isn’t good for any part of your body. In addition to all the heart and lung damage, smoking can also decrease the contractions of your gastrointestinal tract, and that means more stuff stuck in there for longer periods of time.

13. Leafy Greens


Raffinose is a naturally-occurring sugar compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale. It’s hard for the human body to digest, so it leads to gas and flatulence until your stomach enzymes can finish breaking it down.

14. Snoring

Snoring is a lot like smoking, hiccuping, chewing gum and doing anything else that brings air into your mouth. It causes air bubbles to go down your throat and into your stomach, and the result is a full, bloated feeling that you can’t shake.

15. Pizza

It may taste like the nectar of the gods, but pizza is a triple threat when it comes to bloating. It contains fat, sodium and dairy that can all work in tandem to expand your stomach and cause your gastronomical issues. Say no to pepperoni next time!

These are just a few common causes of bloating. There are many more, of course, but this list should be enough to help you steer clear of the usual subjects. If you find yourself having excessive bloat or bloat accompanied by other symptoms, talk to your physician.