Why You’ve Been Harming Your Body While You Sleep and How to Fix It

Why You’ve Been Harming Your Body While You Sleep and How to Fix It

Like food and water, our bodies need sleep for several reasons. Not only does tissue repair and relaxation occur, but it also offers our brain the chance to cleanse itself. Studies show that during sleep the brain flushes and repairs itself from the damage done during consciousness. Maintaining the proper body systems is key to taking care of the brain even while sleeping.

Why You've Been Harming Your Body While You Sleep and How to Fix It

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a crucial component to maintaining a healthy body. It helps remove wastes and toxins in addition to taking white blood cells to important places of the body to reduce infections. The spleen is the main regulator of this system. When it detects dangerous substances in the blood, it and the lymph nodes make lymphocytes that produce antibodies that kill foreign substances and stop the spread of infections.

The lymphatic system is made mostly of lymphatic vessels that act like the veins and capillaries that transport blood in the circulatory system. The lymphatic vessels are connected to lymph nodes where lymph fluid is filtered, and there are hundreds of these nodes in the body. Many are located around vital organs like the lungs and heart while others are located under the arm fold or in the groin. If the lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly, the body doesn’t have the resources it needs to stay healthy and fit. Because of this, moving lymph fluid around the body is very important. Moving it to the brain is important as well but much more difficult by comparison.

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Lymph Fluid and Brain Function

In the past, the scientific world was unaware of another system known as the “glymphatic” system. This system is responsible for removing waste just for the brain and central nervous system. It removes proteins and toxins away from the brain and distributes the amino acids, lipids and glucose that the brain needs to function the right way.