Find Out Which Breast Type You Are And Never Buy an Ill-Fitting Bra Again!

Find Out Which Breast Type You Are And Never Buy an Ill-Fitting Bra Again!

You might think that the only meaningful differences between different sets of breasts are the size and droop factor, but any woman who’s spent time in a locker room knows that there are almost as many breast shapes as there are women. Knowing what type of breasts you have is an important factor in purchasing bras and clothing that flatter your natural figure and make you look as good as you possibly can. The lingerie company ThirdLove has identified seven different breast types to help women find bras that look great and don’t cause discomfort.

Find Out Which Breast Type You Are And Never Buy an Ill-Fitting Bra Again!

1. Round

The round breast shape is characterized by breasts that are equally full on top and bottom, with nipples that point fully forward. Although this shape is often associated with cosmetic surgery, plenty of women have naturally round breasts as well. Round breasts already sit where they’re supposed to and don’t require much support, so they can be paired with almost any kind of bra and look great. Women with round breasts don’t need to buy bras with heavy structure or padding.

2. East West

East-West breasts have nipples that point in opposite directions. They also tend to be fuller on the bottom than on the top. The goal for dressing this breast type is to lift the breasts and bring them together towards the center of your body. T-shirt bras are great for this purpose because they pull breasts in and streamline your silhouette.

3. Side Set

This shape is like a combination between round and East West. Breasts point outwards but are more full than the East West shape. This shape is also characterized by a wide space between breasts. Plunge bras are great for women with side set breasts because they push breasts up, bringing them together and making them sit where they should. Regular push-up bras can also work for this shape. Women with this breast type may want to buy bras with larger cups than they think they need because their breasts may pop out of the sides of too-small cups.

4. Tear Drops

Tear Drop breasts are full on the bottom and a little slender on top. Most bras were designed with tear drop breasts in mind, so a wide variety of bra styles work with this shape. The main thing to keep in mind is to choose bras with enough support to pull breasts up and make the tops appear fuller.