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9 Women You Need to Meet, Not Marry

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9 Women You Need to Meet, Not Marry

9 Women You Need to Meet, Not Marry

We already posted an article about men you should not marry, that’s a bit unfair to our male readers so to even things out here is a list of women you should not marry:

women you need to meet not marry

1 One who acts like a boss

There are some women who always think they know the right thing to do and try to influence the decisions of the men in their lives. While this trait might be perceived as caring initially, in the long run it can become a burden. This is a facet of their personality and is difficult to change.

2. The Holy woman

This type of women can be challenging, their conversation frequently refers to the Bible, God, and angels. If religious conversation is not for you, you may find this boring or irritating.

3. The one who wants to change you

There are some women who picture their ideal guy and try to transform you into the man they have dreamed of. They constantly try to change and modify you according to their fantasies. These women claim to love you the way you are but want you to change completely.

4. The most beautiful one

Many men are attracted by good looks and curvaceous bodies but when you date a woman based on this, make sure her looks are not the only thing you like about her. We’re not saying you shouldn’t marry a beautiful woman, just make sure she has other good qualities.

5. Miss jealous

These women have bad experiences in their past relationships which is why they can become alarmed easily by anything that does not seem right. As men you initially might reassure her that you are not like the men she met previously, however as time passes and you are often accused of things you haven’t done, it becomes tedious. No one wants to be penalized for someone else’s mistakes. [Learn how to deal with a jealous partner]


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6. The married one

This refers to married women sending you the wrong signals. As attractive as it may seem, it is worth noting that if she cheats now, she will cheat on you too. What goes around comes around is the line to remember here.

cheating wife marriage

7. The mommy’s girl

These women talk to their mother daily and tell her everything, regardless of how small the matter is. They cannot make any life decisions without the help of mom. While this may show the closeness she has with her family, you do not want her mother’s approval making your life decisions.

The mommy's girl conflict in marriage

8. The liar

This one is really dangerous, if you meet a girl and notice she is comfortable lying to her family, friends, or colleagues, she just might lie to you as well. These women are not trustworthy and trust is the base of every solid relationship.

9. The cynic

These women find negativity in almost everything that comes their way. They have something negative to say about almost everyone and everything.

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