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Shonda Rhimes Shares The Real Reason Of Her Dramatic 117-Pound Weight Loss

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Shonda Rhimes Shares The Real Reason Of Her Dramatic 117-Pound Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes Shares The Real Reason Of Her Dramatic 117-Pound Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”, talks about the reason for her 117-pound weight loss in this clip of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Rhimes never felt the need to conform to society’s views of how she should look. In the video, Shonda shares what sparked her transformation.

Weight loss

Shonda accepted a challenge from her sister to say “yes” to things that scared her. Her new memoir, The Year of Yes, details saying “yes” to things outside her comfort zone. Shonda has inspired us and made us confront our fears through her brilliant storytelling. This dare from her sister did the same for her.

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During a first-class flight, Rhimes was unable to fasten her seatbelt because of her size. She was too ashamed to ask for an extension. The desire to be around for her 3 daughters prompted her to say “yes” to being healthier and she lost over 100 pounds.

If you’ve ever been to ShondaLand, you may have experienced weight loss from a plane incident. Seriously, I think the “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, Flight, made me lose 10 pounds! When it comes to weight loss, the Queen of Thursday night TV and Twitter, has it handled.

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