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Watch Human Skeleton in Motion While Practicing Yoga

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Watch Human Skeleton in Motion While Practicing Yoga

Watch Human Skeleton in Motion While Practicing Yoga

It is easy to discern the many benefits of yoga from the direct experience of daily practice in your own life. This video will offer a seldom-seen perspective into some of the most popular asanas, or poses, of traditional yoga. Come along for an epic journey into the full range of motion of a living skeletal system. Observe as the subject transitions fluidly through a sequence of yoga postures.


Through well-crafted x-ray effects, camera angles and sweeping motion, the viewer will witness first-hand how various yoga positions may impact the bones and joints of the body. This unique, radiological perspective demonstrates clearly how yogic postures open and stretch the many channels of the human skeleton as the viewer travels through them.

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Breathtaking cinematography has been set against a backdrop of dynamic music that will impart a deep insight into the movement of your own skeletal system. You will be sure to bring this new understanding with you the next time you hit the yoga mat. This video is simply a must-watch for any yoga enthusiast, make no bones about it.

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