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5 Situations When You Shouldn’t Have Closeness

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5 Situations When You Shouldn't Have Closeness

5 Situations When You Shouldn’t Have Sex

Physical contact is a core part of every romantic relationship, but sometimes situations arise when it’s best to keep our distance. These circumstances can be emotional or physical, and knowing exactly when and where to draw the line is part of being a $e*ually responsible adult and can save you some heartache (or worse) down the line.


You Aren’t Emotionally Available

Being single has nothing to do with your heart’s commitment. If you know that your affection is only directed toward someone else (an old crush, an ex you haven’t gotten over, etc.), then it’s best to avoid any physical contact with another person. Although they may be aware that you aren’t looking for a serious relationship and say that they’re okay with one time hook up or being friends with benefits, making love to someone you aren’t emotionally available for can lead to further complications and cause you to become even more “blocked up”. It’s better to wait until you’re fully ready to be with someone else before throwing another person into the mix.

You Don’t Know Their $e*ual History

It happens all the time on TV, but hopping in bed with someone you’ve only been on a couple of dates with is risky business. Young people between the ages of 15 to 24 represent 50 percent of the STD-infected population today. Many people carry both serious and non-life-threatening STDs without even realizing, so you should always know someone well enough to know whether or not they could be a carrier or anything before making love. If they aren’t sure, ask them to get tested and say you’ll do so too, just so you both can build the physical aspect of your relationship with an assured state of mind.

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You Have Gynecological Problems

If you have a urinary tract infection, yeast infection or other types of gynecological issues, it’s best to refrain from making love and instead focus on being with your partner in other ways. You should be open and honest with them about why you can’t be with them, and don’t feel embarrassed about your medical conditions. Your doctor can also give you an advice on how long you should abstain and any types of scenarios you should avoid.

It’s Painful

If closeness pains you down there, then there could be a real reason why. Dyspareunia can be linked to a variety of physical and psychological factors such as irritation after childbirth, skin conditions or involuntary vaginal spasms called vaginismus. This can be difficult to discuss with your partner, since you obviously don’t want to offend them, but being open about the issues you’re experiencing will make the situation much easier to deal with and probably allow you to rectify it sooner. Doctors recommend using a good lubricant to prevent painful lovemaking. You can also speak to your gynecologist about vaginal estrogen that can increase natural lubrication and elasticity.

You Have Stomach Problems

If you’ve been dealing with a stomach virus, making love can add a bladder infection to the mix. You also run the risk of passing whatever cold or illness you’re fighting off to your partner. And let’s face it: having a stomach virus isn’t exactly the best time to be rolling around anywhere.

Romance Beyond Love Making

It can put a damper on a relationship to abstain for a period of time, but it also poses an opportunity for you and your partner to grow closer together. Instead of relying on lovemaking as your means of expressing affection, a period without can place the spotlight on subtle types of physical closeness like holding hands, snuggling and kissing one another. You can also engage more openly with one another emotionally, and really take the time to get to know your partner even more before you return to bed.

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