Puffy Eyes? Reduce The Baggage With This Natural Treatment

Puffy Eyes? Reduce The Baggage With This Natural Treatment

Puffy Eyes? Reduce The Baggage With This Natural Treatment

When you wake up in the morning, are you frightened by what you see in the mirror? If your sunrise reflection is more Morticia than Marilyn, you might need a little help to get rid of the bags under your eyes before hitting the streets. Find out what causes puffiness and what you can do to fix it.

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Causes of Eye Bags

As you get older, your skin begins to lose its supportive structure, and the muscles around your eyes become weaker. As the thin skin in that area sags, it can look droopy. Fat that is stored around your eye sockets can fall into the area too, making it look swollen. The zone under the eyes is a prime spot for fluid accumulation, which can add to the baggy appearance.

If your eyes come with more baggage than you do, you might just be unlucky. Bags under your eyes may be a result of heredity. If your parents have puffy eyes, you might just have to put up with yours. However, many other factors can lead to under-eye sagginess.

Anything that causes you to retain water can increase the amount of fluid that gathers under your eyes. Reduce your salt intake, and make sure that you stay hydrated in order to flush excess liquid from your body. Consuming too much alcohol or caffeine can trigger your body to hold onto fluids, leading to morning eye bags.

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If you sleep on a flat pillow, fluid can collect around your eyes overnight, contributing to your less-than-fresh look in the morning. Sleeping with your head raised and getting the optimal amount of sleep are important. According to Eyebags.org, sleeping too little or too much can increase the bulging around your eyes.