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7 Ways to Cure Boredom

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7 Ways to Cure Boredom

7 Ways to Cure Boredom
By PositiveMed Team- Costa Rica Office
Edited by Stephanie Dawson

1- Read a book
Reading a book is an engaging activity and keeps the mind active. Sit down in a quiet place with your favorite novel or something that interests you. It not only entertains, but also adds to your knowledge.

2- Watch your favorite movie
There are some movies that never get old. The movies we can watch over and over again without getting bored. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Titanic are some of the movies that can easily take you away from boredom. It’s a good idea to keep all your DVDs safe and someplace where they are easy to find.

3- Take a relaxing bath
Taking a hot relaxing bath is one of the easiest and most effective ways of curing boredom. A bath tub is the best place to sit and think about the future when you are getting bored. It not only cures boredom but has great health benefits.

7 ways to cure boredom

4- Workout
Exercise is one of the best ways to cure boredom and make yourself feel better. It is always good to put on some loud music and do a few sets of barbells and crunches. You can also go for jogging or intense weight training. Whichever exercise you choose, it’s better than doing nothing.

5- Plan your career
Switch on your internet and start exploring web pages related to your field of interest. You can also read the biographies of people who inspire you. This will not only motivate you to work hard for your dreams and aspirations but also will help you cure boredom. Wikipedia can be a useful friend if you decide to use it.

6- Talk to an elderly person
Older people have a lot of experience and many interesting stories to share if asked. Generally elderly people like talking to the younger generation, and with their stories they give you a walk through a different time period which can easily alleviate boredom.

7- Do something creative
Engage yourself in something that requires your creativity. Painting a few pictures might be one of those things. If you are good at cooking, try your hands at experimenting with different vegetables and combinations to come up with your own unique recipes. These experiments, if successful, can fill your pockets with money in addition to curing boredom.


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