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Dad Almost Lost His Newborn Baby and Now He Warns People About THIS

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Dad Almost Lost His Newborn Baby and Now He Warns People About THIS

Dad Almost Lost His Newborn Baby and Now He Warns People About THIS

For most parents, a newborn baby means the nine months of anticipation has come to an end. The parents no longer have to worry about if the baby will be born with health defects or if the baby will, in fact, be healthy. Nonetheless, the story of a father and his baby girl that won the battle between several deadly viruses is going viral. Just four weeks after his baby was born, the little girl was readmitted to the hospital where she was forced to fight for her life. In this incredible story of life and death, the father of his newborn baby wants to stress the importance of clean hands and toys to other parents so that they will not have to go through what he and his daughter did.

A BIG Warning From the Dad Who Almost Lost His Baby- Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Newborn – Here`s Why !

After being taken to the hospital, the newborn was first diagnosed with viral meningitis. Although she recovered from this illness fairly quickly and it was not deemed to be extremely serious, just a few days later this beautiful baby girl was fighting for her life again.

Just a few days after being cleared of viral meningitis, the baby girl was back in the hospital with a diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). While this virus is not as serious in older children and adults, for infants the symptoms are a matter of life and death. The risks are especially high if the infant has any case of heart or lung problems.


Since newborn babies do not have fully developed lungs, the virus posed an even greater risk. The baby girl had to be transferred to Children’s Hospital where she was then diagnosed with RSV as well as pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis. The girl was clinically dead when the pediatric team came to care for her. Luckily, for the newborn and her family, the doctors were able to revive her on the spot.

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How can you help prevent your newborn from getting RSV? First, you need to wash your hands before coming in contact with your small children. Be sure that you use antibacterial soap to rid your hands of all the harmful bacteria that can contaminate your children. You will want to be sure that all bottles and feeding utensils are cleaned before use. Rinsing with water alone will not be enough. You will need to use a soap that will kill the bacteria but not harm your infant. Toys should also be cleaned regularly. Germ killing sprays are great for toys. Lastly, you will want to make sure that your children are bundled up enough in cold weather. Due to the lack of immunity in infants, cold weather poses a great risk to their health.

The father of this lucky little girl would like to inform all parents of the risks of RSV. The respiratory syncytial virus can very easily be spread by touch or even through contaminated toys or bottles. Infants are at an increased risk of HPV not only because of their underdeveloped lungs, but also due to the fact that their immune system is not fully developed. Babies that are born prematurely are at an even higher risk. Be sure you are always prepared to keep your baby and yourself clean and away from any harmful germs. You do not want to have to go through the risk of losing your precious newborn baby.

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