Ladies! For 45% of Men, THIS Thing Is the Biggest Turn-Off

Ladies! For 45% of Men, THIS Thing Is the Biggest Turn-Off

Ladies! For 45% of Men, THIS Thing Is the Biggest Turn-Off

This includes when women are obsessed with their appearance and take too much time getting ready in the morning or when heading out on a date.

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Many women struggle with insecurities, but it can be a turn-off to men when it becomes a daily problem. Women who degrade themselves or have a lack of self-confidence aren’t attractive to men because they often appear weak and negative with their attitude. Women who are constantly complaining about how much weight they need to lose or their lack of intelligence will only make their men focus on their negative aspects, which can cause them to become less attractive. Men want women who are independent and secure in themselves, which will make it easy to show them off and feel proud to find such an incredible person. Make it a point to maintain a positive view of yourself and look at your failures as an opportunity to grow.

A Lack of Respect

Women who nag men or complain about what they’re doing wrong in life or in their relationship tend to detract men quickly. Men want to feel valued and respected with their significant other, which will allow them to feel fulfilled in the relationship. It’s important that men are encouraged and uplifted with their successes, which will allow whim to feel valued and supported for a high level of respect.

This includes avoiding putting men down or belittling them, in addition to comparing him to other men with his failures. Men should feel most honored and respected by the women that they’re with, which will attract them even more to their partner.

Women may not understand why they aren’t attracting the right guys or can’t find a long-term relationship, but there may be a number of factors that are often turning off men. It’s important to be aware of your behavior and change your old habits if they’re known to detract guys who are looking for a relationship.