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8 Signs He’s Not Ready for Marriage

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8 Signs He's Not Ready for Marriage

8 Signs He’s Not Ready for Marriage

Sometimes its hard to tell whether or not your guy is ready for marriage. You may have seen some of your wilder friends who were always seen with beer and cigarettes, settling into great husbands and fathers. You never know when they will decide to commit. Here are some probable signs that he is not yet ready to tie the knot:

8 Signs He's Not Ready for Marriage

He criticizes a lot
If he has problems with almost everything you do, he is just not interested in marrying you. This could be a signal to not have any expectations from him.

You are out of his business
If he does not share his successes, failures, feelings, joys, sorrows, or anything else that happens in his life then he does not consider you an important part of his life. This is a sign that your presence or absence makes no difference to him. Take the hint and move on.

He admits he is not interested
When men say they are not interested in tying the knot, they mean it. Do not take it as a joke or childlike behavior but trust them and move on. If he never discusses marriage it is the last thing he wants to do.

You don’t know his family
A sure sign that he is not ready to get married is when he does not include you with his family. He doesn’t invite you to functions even though he is dating you. Men discuss family stuff and personal things with those who are close to them, if you are not that person then most likely you are not going to be.

He can’t make decisions
You are probably not the reason behind his reluctance to get married, it may be his incapability of making right and wise decisions. Perhaps he needs to figure things out and he himself does not know the right time to settle.

He has outside-the-box thinking
If he is a little weird and has life ambitions that seem odd to you then chances are low that he would like to be a tame husband. These men have different opinions about life and they love to explore new things without being tied down.

He is a divorcee
If you are dating a man who went through a bad divorce then he may be afraid of marrying again. He may be looking for a committed relationship without getting married. There may be other issues like child custody or involvement with his ex-wife.

He keeps you a secret
If he does not like holding hands in public and immediately drops your hand when his friends appear then he does not want to be seen with you. He meets you in private, at his place or yours, so that nobody can see you together. Get the signal and switch your path. He will never be ready to marry you.

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