See Why He Hangs This Small Bag On His Chest Every Night

See Why He Hangs This Small Bag On His Chest Every Night

Camphor is a natural ingredient that originates in Japan and China and is derived from laurel wood. Its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties have made it a common ingredient in skin and cough products. Camphor’s qualities are not limited to these health areas, but offer a range of benefits. One of the most common ways to enjoy camphor in its full form is a through the use of a camphor bag.

Camphor Bag

An At Home Remedy

Whether you or sick or simply wish to promote positive health, a camphor bag is an easy, natural addition to your health regimen. Camphor bags can be made at home with products you purchase at the drugstore. All you need is camphor and a small linen or cotton bag. Camphor comes in blocks that are white and crystalized in appearance, similar to that of a bar of soap. Place the block in a bag, affix a string to the bag and wear around the neck. You can also place camphor in a pillow case and lay it on your chest as you sleep.

Camphor can also be enjoyed by taking in its vapors. To do this, place a camphor block in a container filled with steaming hot water. Place a towel over your head, ensuring there are no gaps through which the vapors can escape, and breathe in the vapors.

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Another way to use camphor is through its oil form. Camphor essential oils can be bought at the store and applied topically to the skin through an ear dropper.

Why Would I Use Camphor?

There are a number of notable health benefits associated with camphor:

Digestive Aid

Camphor has properties that stimulate the digestive tract and promote healthy metabolism. For those who suffer from frequent gas and bloating, camphor’s anti-inflammatory nature helps reduce the presence of these issues. It can also prevent gas from even forming.


Camphor is excellent in relieving pain because it has anti-flmattory properties. It is also a natural analgesic and can temporarily numb an area of the skin, relieving pain and easing muscles. Athletes and others benefit from its ability to relief aches and pains.