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8 Common Actions That May Cause Mental Illness

mental illness

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mentall illness

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Contrary to what many believe, mental illness is not just a result of genetic factors or of serious trauma, they can be caused by many common things that may happen monthly, weekly, or even daily in your lifetime. Here we give you a list with 8 common actions that may cause mental illness:

1. Sales Events

There is a physiological factor involved in these events when people get angry and intense, trampling people or shooting pepper spray in each other’s eyes, it can cause severe anxiety and is sometimes known as Black Friday Hysteria, because of the immensely popular post-Thanksgiving sales.

2. Long Winter Nights

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder happens when a lack of sunlight during winter months affects your mood, leading you into depression. There is special light therapy for the treatment of SAD.

3. Living alone

Depression has many factors and living alone is one potential cause that may increase the risk of becoming depressed.

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4. Owning a cat

Cats often have a small parasite called toxoplasma Gondi inside them, when it leaves the cat, it goes into another being, sometimes humans and this parasite might cause slower reactions and more reckless feelings. Don’t get us wrong! We are pet-lovers too! But just consider the fact that toxoplasma is linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and increased risk-taking.

5. A bed bug infestation

Some people may have physiological responses to bed bugs, having symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, and anxiety.

6. Having a traumatic brain injury

After head trauma, the rate for psychiatric disorders is almost 50%, the effects of a concussion can last long past when the physical signs have gone.

7. Being in a bad car accident

A car crash can give you a long term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) causing shock and disorientation, and you can end up with a mental disorder. PTSD is also caused by military service in wartime and domestic violence.

8. Excessive praise as a child

Praising a child for every single thing they do can lead to a serious personality disorder. Praise is good, but it needs to be tempered with realistic expectations. Praise things that are actually good and age-appropriate.

Edited 7/31/14 SCD

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