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6 Signs You’re Mothering Your Man A Bit Too Much

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6 Signs You're Mothering Your Man A Bit Too Much

6 Signs You’re Mothering Your Man A Bit Too Much

Just like some men are more dominating or assertive, so are some women. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can wreak havoc on a romantic relationship if it’s not kept under control. A man has already lived his childhood once. The last thing most want is to relive it in adulthood by having their woman mother them. Here are six signs that you’re mothering your man too much.

6 Signs You're Mothering Your Man A Bit Too Much 1

1. He Lets You Play Mommy

Is your man comfortable letting you do all of the housework? It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a lazy jerk. If this is new behavior, you’ve likely trained him into it. This happens when you take everything over because you insist on having it done your way.

2. Burning the Midnight Oil

When you realize your man is working late on a regular basis, your first thought is probably that he’s cheating on you. It’s more likely that he’s trying to avoid confrontation. He might be out having a drink with his friends you don’t like, or doing other things he enjoys that you regularly criticize.

3. You Say “It’s Like Having A Child”

If you feel that way, you’re mothering him. This comment is offensive to any adult. Imagine how you’d feel if he said that about you. Saying that being with him is like having a child says that you not only see him as irresponsible, incompetent and untrustworthy.

6 Signs You're Mothering Your Man A Bit Too Much

4. He’s Become Ambivalent

Is it starting to seem like your man can’t make any decisions himself? Does he expect you to make all the plans? Unfortunately, this is the result of you spearheading everything you do as a couple. Eventually, he’ll decide it’s not worth risking an argument and stop bothering.

5. Incessant Nagging

Nagging is the most common cause of relationship failures, and it’s no surprise. Ladies, just because he didn’t run to the kitchen the moment you asked him to do the dishes doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you. Harping just makes him feel like he’s back under his mother’s reign.

6. You Control Everything

Trying to mold your man into someone he’s not by deciding what he wears, who his friends are, where he goes and how he does things is immensely controlling. It sends the message that you’re not happy with him as a person, he’s not good enough and that you own him. It also says that you feel he’s not intelligent or grown-up enough to make his own choices or do anything right.

Relationships can be hard, and they take effort. Part of this effort means controlling our tendencies to exert our will over our partners. If you’re worried you’re mothering your man too much, take steps to stop these behaviors. You’ll both be happier and healthier for it in the long run.

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