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Doctors wanted to remove a tumor from her womb when they discovered she’s pregnant. What happened next made me speechless!

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Doctors wanted to remove a tumor from her womb when they discovered she's pregnant. What happened next made me speechless!

Doctors wanted to remove a tumor from her womb when they discovered she’s pregnant. What happened next made me speechless!

Our mothers give us life and help us to grow and develop, sometimes an unborn baby can also save the life of its mother. This is about Nicola Waller, 29, and how her life was saved by her unplanned and unborn child.

Nicola visited doctors after she saw some swelling under her ribs, she was not pregnant at that time. After careful examination by doctors a tumor was discovered in her womb, 12 weeks later she was asked to visit the hospital for a body scan and was advised to undergo an operation to have the tumor removed.

The situation changed when during the scan doctors found that Nicola was 7 weeks pregnant. Per Nicola the pregnancy was unplanned and she had no clue that she was pregnant. Doctors also found that the baby in Nicola’s womb led to disintegration of the tumor. Pregnancy hormones released by the baby in the womb led to the disintegration.

unborn baby saved mom's life

Later Nicola said that she had not planned to get pregnant and had the contraceptive coil fitted. It was unbelievable to her. Nicola also said that getting pregnant in spite of the contraceptive coil was an unbelievable thing in itself. After it was confirmed the tumor had been destroyed another scan was conducted and nothing was found except a few blobs of blood floating around.

Nicola said that if she would not have been pregnant at that time, she would not have been alive. When she visited the hospital for her operation the nurse conducted the scan and left without saying anything. She came back with a team of radiologists who confirmed the tumor was gone. Nicola added she was stunned about the news and even more stunned by the fact that her unplanned baby saved her life. The team of radiologists could not believe it, out of three radiologists two said they had never seen this in their medical career while one said that he has only seen such a case once before.

unborn baby save life

Nicola said she had a 4 year-old daughter, Alison, when news of her tumor broke, it was hard for her to believe she was dying and would leave her daughter without a mother.
Later Nicola’s pregnancy was monitored closely by experts and she delivered a healthy son, Brandon, 7 pounds 8 ounces.

Nicola lives with her family, Alison, Brandon, and husband Russell, also 29, in Bridport, Dorset. She says she felt extremely relieved when Brandon was born and it was wonderful to meet him. She also said Brandon was born with his right arm pointing forward, so he was nicknamed Superman.
We could say he really is a superman as he saved the life of his mother before he was even born.


By Divya Shree
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

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