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Give Your Abs Some Extra Love With This Easy Workout Routine

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Give Your Abs Some Extra Love With This Easy Workout Routine

Give Your Abs Some Extra Love With This Easy Workout Routine

Who doesn’t want to tone their abs and sculpt their core? If you are looking to slim your waistline and work your lower abs, this Love Your Abs workout video is perfect for you.


The video features seven core moves that were specifically selected to whittle away your middle in the most efficient way possible. The moves are explained in detail and there are plenty of examples for you to follow right along. You might not exactly love sweating through these gut-busters, but you are sure to fall in love with the results of a tighter tummy and more defined abs if you follow along with these moves.

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Give your abs some extra love after Valentine’s day with this easy to follow ab workout routine video from Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up for the Love Your Body fitness series. It is sure to leave your core feeling worked and you glad that you gave your waistline some serious attention. Repeat the video as many times as necessary for you to get the intense ab workout so you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying those extra chocolates from your sweetie over Valentine’s Day.

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