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Feeling Blue? 10 Science-Proven Tips to Beat Your Bad Mood!

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Feeling Blue? 10 Science-Proven Tips to Beat Your Bad Mood!

Feeling Blue? 10 Science-Proven Tips to Beat Your Bad Mood!

We all have been in bad situations, at work, home, or an interaction with a person that just ticked us off.
Here are 10 science-proven ways to decrease a bad mood fast and get you in a better mood:


Order Takeout

Deciding on a meal for dinner might push you to a worse state if you are already stressed, based on a January 2015 study for the Journal Quality & Preference.  Studies show that people become less angry and stressed when deciding on meal ingredients. Choosing a meal also makes people less angry, it even lowers blood pressure by 32%. I guess easy is the new best option in today’s society!

View Gorgeous Scenery

Take a break. A lunch break, coffee break, or break from the kids and enjoy the beautiful views from Mother Nature. It will dramatically brighten your day, even viewing pictures helps. *Hint* Take a look at the one below.

An issue of Founders and Psychology found that just looking at photos can change a bad mood. Psychologists find that all nature viewers’ moods improved drastically during the viewing.

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Work out while watching TV

Exercising is a certain path to amplify senses and remove stress. People who enjoyed watching TV while exercising for 10 minutes or more had double the mood-boost than people who exercise without distraction, according to a journal article in Sports & Medicine.

Drink Your Tea

Studies show that drinking a cup of tea instantly makes us feel good.

Do What You’re Good At

If you are good at it be the best at it. Practicing your strengths and doing what you are good at can make you feel amazing. Using your positive attributes be rewarding to your mood, and you might rediscover your passion. Doing what we’re good at is a great way to overshadow a bad mood.

Write about significant things

Poetry is a great way to express yourself and relieve all negative feelings. Participants in a study for Cognitions & Emotions wrote for 15 minutes about activities they did every day or their thoughts about the activity. Those with meaningful focus saw an improvement in moods.

Dance it out

Dancing automatically puts you in an energized mood. Busting a move can also decrease fatigue. Listening to calming music has the results.


As humans we are naturally programmed to socialize, relationships are part of life. With technology at an all-time high, socializing has been made more convenient.  Instant messaging someone can reduce a bad mood within minutes.

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Create your ideal Self

Imagine being the person you dream of being.  Directing your attention to your positive traits can make you more aware of them and remove attention from the negative.

Think Fast

Read quickly, think fast, solve a puzzle. In one survey participants experienced immediate mood enhancement by speeding up their mental process.

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