Yes, This Woman Is Gluing Pennies To A Bowling Ball. The Reason Will Make You Say ‘Aww!’

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Yes, This Woman Is Gluing Pennies To A Bowling Ball. The Reason Will Make You Say ‘Aww!’

For most of us, we’d love to add some beautiful art to our homes or yards. However, the artwork you can find in stores is often too expensive to bring home with us. That’s why we love brilliant DIY projects that allow us to replicate the artwork we see in magazines without spending a fortune.

This woman found a bowling ball at a rummage sale. With a little creativity, she was able to turn it into a beautiful reflecting globe like the ones she’d seen in home decorating magazines.

Bowl Ball

To begin, she cleaned off the ball and filled in the holes with caulk. Next, she used the brilliant trick of soaking pennies in Coca-Cola to remove any grubby residue and make them shine. Don’t worry, you don’t need a fortune to do this art project yourself. The amount of money needed to create this artwork only comes out to $4.50, which is much less than what you’d spend on one of these reflective globes in stores.


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After the pennies had gotten nice and shiny, she simply took the time to superglue them individually to the ball. When she was done, she set it atop an upside down pot, giving her yard a lovely new accent that is sure to get lots of compliments.


Would you take on this DIY project for yourself? Have you ever taken something old or ugly from a rummage sale and turned it into art? Tell us in the comments how you use creativity and unwanted old objects to create something beautiful and new.


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