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Why Is Tabata Training More Effective Than Other Fitness Programs?

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Why Is Tabata Training More Effective Than Other Fitness Programs?

Why Is Tabata Training More Effective Than Other Fitness Programs?

Anyone who works out with any regularity is likely interested in getting the biggest benefit in the least amount of time. Obviously, not all exercise is going to offer the same benefit, so how can you increase your impact and decrease your time investment? It’s pretty simple. Try Tabata. This unique high-intensity workout protocol has a number of health and fitness benefits, including an enhanced ability to support weight loss. So, if you want maximum benefit with minimal time requirements, you might want to give this method a try.

Why Is Tabata Training More Effective Than Other Fitness Programs?

What Is Tabata?

The workout protocol was named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, the Japanese physician, and researcher who invented the workout style. He initially conducted a research study to assess whether athletes could benefit from an exercise session based on a 20/10 design repeated 8 times. This design required the individuals to exercise to the fullest extent of their abilities for a period of 20 seconds followed by a 10-second rest. Once repeated eight times, the workout totaled four minutes.

After his research was done. Dr. Tabata analyzed the data and found that individuals, in fact, were able to benefit from this type of exercise. In fact, the individuals in the Tabata group improved both their aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. As a whole, the group improved its anaerobic fitness level by 28 percent.

At a very basic level, Tabata training is simply an interval training workout style. However, Tabata is a little different than your typical interval training method. Even if you aren’t familiar with Tabata, you’ve probably heard of and maybe even experienced an HIIT workout. HIIT is also a high-intensity interval training method, but there is one main difference.

The secret to Tabata is that extremity of the active intervals. Whereas in HIIT, you’re pushing yourself to be able to make it through the entire workout at a high intensity, however, long that may be, with Tabata, you should be going all out for the four minute period. The goal is to be at your maximum output of energy during the active 20 second periods.

What Are the Benefits of Tabata?

A vast assortment of exercises is appropriate for the Tabata protocol, including resistance exercises such as weightlifting as well as aerobic exercises including running or even rowing. With such a wide application, the benefits of Tabata are also far-reaching. The intensity of the protocol benefits the body in a number of ways, including:

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Increasing metabolic rate – High-intensity exercise has been found to raise the metabolic rate by roughly 15 times the basal metabolic rate or BMR. This increase is experienced not only while exercising but for hours after, so your body is able to more effectively burn calories and fat.
Promoting fat loss – Because the body’s metabolic rate is increased, it is able to burn fat at an increased rate, even when you are not exerting your body. With this type of workout, your body burns more fat more effectively.
Retaining muscle tissue – Typically when you are dieting, your body loses muscle tissue. However, with Tabata, you’re placing stress on your muscle tissue, signaling your body that more is needed.
Improving anaerobic and aerobic capacity – Dr. Tabata’s study showed that performing the protocol five days a week for a period of six weeks increased an individual’s aerobic capacity by 14 percent and anaerobic capacity by 28 percent, which in turn, increases an individual’s stamina.

Are There Any Special Considerations?

Because of the nature of the Tabata protocol, it is not recommended for all people. The workout is not for beginners and should only be performed by advanced exercisers comfortable with high-intensity exercise. Likewise, there is a significant increase in the risk of injury when doing high-impact exercises. Be sure that you are fit enough for the type of training and complete a full warm up prior to starting.

Tabata is a particularly effective form of exercise designed to rapidly increase an individual’s fitness level and promote weight loss. However, this protocol is not for everyone. Be sure that you prepare your mind for the intensity of this type of workout before attempting it.

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