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Steps Every Woman Should Take For Her Skin After 40

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Steps Every Woman Should Take For Her Skin After 40

The 9 Main Steps Every Woman Should Take For Her Skin After 40

As we age, our skin becomes more and more difficult to take care of, but it also becomes more and more important to give it the proper attention and care that it needs. While we may not be batting the acne of our teenage years, we have a whole new boat of issues to consider for our skin after 40. What worked during our teens, 20s, and 30s is unlikely to work during our 40s, so it is imperative to take a unique, age-appropriate approach to protecting our skin.

Steps Every Woman Should Take For Her Skin After 40

Here are nine important things to consider when creating an after 40 skin regime:

1. Water Consumption
Getting enough water is crucial for having a healthy body, and that includes our skin. When you drink enough water, you’re hydrating your body from the inside out and ensuring your skin cells, which are made of water, are properly functioning. Be sure you’re getting the 8 glasses of water you need every day.

2. Sunscreen
The sun is incredibly damaging to our skin, and as we get older, the choice to go without sunscreen has more and more consequences. Without proper sunscreen, the sun encourages wrinkle production and the appearance of sun spots. If you want to keep a youthful complexion, it’s important to consistently wear sunscreen every day. If you’re at the beach or otherwise spending a lot of time in the sun, be sure to reapply appropriately.

3. Proper Diet
We know that eating a proper diet is important for staying healthy, but because your skin is your body’s largest organ, eating the right foods also reflects in your skin. Some examples of foods that are great for your skin include salmon or other fatty fish, blueberries, tomatoes, and carrots. Be sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to keep your skin looking young.

4. Using the Right Products
Adding a Retinoid, also frequently referred to as Retinol, is one of the best ingredients for anti-aging skin. As a derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol has the power to help damaged cells overturn for a constantly flawless complexion. It prevents wrinkles and a dull complexion, so if you’re not already using a Retinol product, it might be time to pick one up!

Another anti-aging product to include is a chemical exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants like Glycolic Acid or Salicyclic Acid can help the skin’s turn around time, removing dead skin, and preventing wrinkles.

5. Avoid Stress
Avoiding stress is easier said than done, but too much stress can really ruin the way your skin looks. If you’re overstressed and not taking the necessary preventative measures to stop the stress from spreading to your skin, it might begin showing in the years ahead. Start finding ways to relax or unwind that can relieve some of your built up stress. Get a massage or take a bath – whatever it is that gets you to calm down!

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6. Stop Smoking
It’s been proven time after time that smoking is horrible for your skin’s appearance. Constant cigarette smoking will leave you with lines around your lips and a dull, lifeless complexion. It’s time to throw out the pack of cigarettes if you want to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

7. Moisturise
Even if you’re properly hydrating through water consumption, your skin still needs a little moisture from the outside. Adding a good oil, lotion or moisturizer into your morning and nightly routines will keep your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. There are a number of natural oils or products out there, like coconut or jojoba oil, that can give your skin the moisture it needs without harmful products.

8. Stop Drinking
Alcohol can really dry out the skin, especially as we age and our skin becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage and toxins. Quitting drinking, or eliminating certain drinks, from our diets can help skin stay refreshed and youthful.

9. Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is extremely important to keep our bodies healthy, and as we grow older, it becomes increasingly important that we are getting enough sleep to keep our skin beautiful. As we grow older, if we don’t take proper care of our skin, it becomes thinner and more recognizable if we skipped a few hours of sleep. Get a full nights sleep every night and wake up to well-rested, beautiful skin.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to have a beautiful skin after 40, but it is important to understand what your skin needs and how to ensure it is properly supported. Keep these nine things in mind when creating a skincare regime as you move into your older years. Through proper hydration, care, and maintenance, you’ll continue to have beautiful skin as you grow older.

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