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Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation? It Can Be A Sign Of THIS Serious Condition

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Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation? It Can Be A Sign Of THIS Serious Condition

Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation? It Can Be A Sign Of THIS Serious Condition

Complaining of pain associated with their gouty flare. For years, we have heard joke after joke about gout on television, or even when someone has pain in their big toe without an explanation. And although it may sound funny, for those who suffer from painful symptoms, it definitely is no laughing matter. But what causes increased uric acid levels?

Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation? It Can Be A Sign Of THIS Serious Condition

What is Uric Acid?

Uric Acid is a specific chemical that is created when our bodies break down substances called purines. Purines are typically found in dried beans, anchovies, peas and alcoholic beverages. In general, the majority of uric acid dissolves and is excreted through the kidneys.

Those who have high uric acid levels, or hyperuricemia, have an increased level of uric acid in their blood. It’s estimated that one out of five people have elevated uric acid levels. Most people who suffer from hyperuricemia aren’t even aware of it until they develop painful symptoms of gout or kidney stones. But many people who have elevated uric acid levels don’t suffer from symptoms or any related health issues.

Who is at Risk?

In the majority of cases, people will have elevated uric acid levels when their kidneys are unable to excrete it efficiently. There are many factors that can slow down the process of uric acid including:

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  • Being overweight.
  • Excessive alcohol moderation.
  • Medical issues such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and renal insufficiency.
  • A purine-rich diet.

Natural Remedies

Reducing your uric acid level isn’t as difficult as you might think. Although there are multiple types of medications specifically formulated to do just that, there are also many natural ways you can accomplish this. For example, detoxifying juice cleanses are an optimal way to flush your body of toxins. You probably already have the ingredients in your pantry, so let’s get started!


  • One medium cucumber.
  • One slice of lemon.
  • Two ribs of celery.
  • Ginger root (1-inch piece).

One you have gathered all of your ingredients, prep time is under 15 minutes. Simply wash and dry thoroughly. Then, slice your lemon, peel the ginger and cut your cucumber and celery into small pieces. Place into your juicer and blend into desired consistency. This should stay fresh for at least a week in your refrigerator in an airtight container. Consume twice a day until you see an improvement in symptoms.

Another excellent way to reduce uric acid levels is with apple cider vinegar. That right, it’s no longer only a delicious salad dressing. Since it is a natural detoxifier, apple cider vinegar is able to remove waste from your body such as uric acid. Not only does it help to restore the alkaline balance within our bodies, but it also contains malic acid, which helps to eliminate uric acid. At this point, you are probably thinking that there is no way you are going to drink apple cider vinegar.

Since it is so potent, you only need to add one teaspoon of organic or unpasteurized vinegar to one glass of water. Drink your water and apple cider vinegar two to three times a day. Gradually increase the amount of apple cider vinegar up to two tables per glass of water until you uric acid levels decrease. If you just can’t stomach the tartness of vinegar, you are sweeten your magic potion with one teaspoon of raw honey.

Note: Stick to the recommended quantity as excess consumption can decrease potassium levels in your body. In addition, be sure to check with your physician if you are currently taking diuretic drugs.

Natural remedies have been curing what ails us for centuries. The choices we make today will impact our tomorrows. Combining a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help us stay as fit as a fiddle.

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