Study Proves: THIS Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times

Study Proves: THIS Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times

Study Proves: THIS Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times

  • Insomnia: Acts as a relaxant to help with sleepless nights.
  • Asthma: Acts as an expectorant, in which cumin loosens up the accumulated phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tracts.
  • Common Cold: Aides in boosting the immune system, as well as providing a source of vitamin c to defend against other infections and toxins.
  • Digestion: Aides in digestion by relieving gas troubles and from stomach aches.
  • Diabetes: Reduces the chances of hypoglycemia (high concentrations of glucose in the bloodstream).
  • Want to Try Cumin? Here’s a Recipe for Cumin Tea:


    1 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
    250 mL Water


    Step 1: Take a vessel and add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds to it.
    Step 2: Heat it a little on low flame for about 5-10 seconds.
    Step 3: Pour 250 mL of water into the vessel and allow it to boil.
    Step 4: After boiling, cover the vessel and allow it to settle for 5 minutes.
    Step 5: Strain into your tea cup and enjoy it warm.

    Optional Steps:

    Add a few teaspoons of honey or a pinch of salt according to taste.

    My Advice

    The benefits of using cumin for your weight loss goals is a great decision to make. Cumin has the possibility of decreasing your risks of heart disease and obesity; and as well as aiding in various aspects of health such as building immunity. So, give cumin a try!

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