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15 Ways You’re Making Yourself Unhappy And How to Overcome It

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15 Ways You're Making Yourself Unhappy And How to Overcome It

15 Ways You’re Making Yourself Unhappy And How to Overcome It

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We are all on the pursuit of happiness, but some are better at getting there than others. In many instances, happiness is a change of mindset and can be achieved without making major life changes. In fact, many of us are unhappy because of little choices we make, without ever realizing we are the source of our misery. Here are fifteen of the most common ways you’re making yourself unhappy and what you can do to overcome them:


1. Believing You are Better
Many of us have grown up being told we are special, but the truth is, we’re not. By continuing to believe that we are better than those around us, we believe things in life should come easy. We feel entitled to jobs, to awards, and to things we do not truly deserve, we don’t enjoy the feelings of success and accomplishment that come along with them. By humbling ourselves to the point where we recognize not everything will be handed to us, we find more happiness in our accomplishments.

2. Living in the Past
It is a common habit to see the past as better than it really was and long to return to those days. The problem is, when we start to miss the past too much, we forget to take advantage of the present. By living in the past, we can’t hope for a happier future.

3. Wasting our Free Time
To live a happier life, it’s important to find hobbies you enjoy to fill your free time with. It is easier to sit down in front of the TV and binge watch your favorite show, and while this can be fun, spending too much time without quality hobbies can lead to feelings of unhappiness.

4. Having Too Much Stuff
It is a common misconception that having a lot of things will lead to happiness, so many people spend their hard earned money on items, gadgets, and belongings. Even while the initial feeling of a new purchase may give you a burst of happiness, that happiness quickly fades and you’re still left with the unhappiness you felt before.

5. Toxic Friendships
Identifying a toxic friendship can be difficult, especially because none of us want to believe we let someone into our lives who isn’t good for us. If you have a friend who is constantly making negative comments or making you feel bad about your choices, it is time to let the friendship go. You will feel happier because of it.

6. Believing Happiness Will Come to You
Many unhappy people believe they are unhappy because they don’t have the right job, the right boyfriend or girlfriend, or the right friendships. While these factors may be contributing to their unhappiness, they aren’t the source. These same people wrongfully believe that someday their dream job and dream spouse will come to them and they can finally be happy. In reality, happiness comes from recognizing the great things you have at this very moment.

7. Not Getting Enough Sleep

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If you are constantly staying up late, you’re probably also experiencing feelings of unhappiness. Not getting enough sleep every night can lead to feelings of depression. See if going to bed earlier lifts your spirits.

8. Not Continuously Learning
Continuing your education through college or grad school isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. You can continue to learn in a variety of ways, including reading books or magazines, taking a class, or starting an art project. Education doesn’t have to be traditional, but you should always continue to develop.

9. Behaving Toxically
If you constantly view your life through a negative lens, you have little hope of ever getting out of unhappiness. By deciding to settle for the way your life is instead of making the necessary changes for a more fulfilling life, it will be impossible to find happiness. Let go of your own toxic behaviors and allow yourself to recognize your own mistakes.

10. Settling
It is a common misconception that things can’t get better, but when you settle for only what you’ve been given, you’ll never be happy. If you don’t like the way something in your life is, you have the power to change it. You just have to be willing to put in the work to achieve success.

11. Holding a Grudge
Holding a grudge is like holding a hot iron. If you refuse to let go of your negative feelings, you have no hope of overcoming the situation. In most cases, the person you are holding the grudge against is unaware of your feelings, meaning you are the only one hurt by continuing to harbor negative feelings.

12. Comparing Your Life to Others
It may seem like everyone around you has their life together while you are still struggling to stay afloat, but the reality is not everyone is as successful as they may put out there. While it’s true some people are just dealt a better set of cards, you will get no where by comparing your life to others.

13. Eating Poorly
When you constantly practice bad eating habits, you’re slowing your body down and making it more difficult to react to the world around it. This often means you’re lazy, tired, and have a bit of a fog over everything you do. It also means you’re probably unhappy.

14. Too Much Technology
If you are always on your phone or the computer, you’re not giving your brain a moment of downtime. Take a technology break and read a book or relax with friends. You’ll be happier for it.

15. Worrying About the Future
Thinking about the future is important, but once you beginning worrying instead of planning, your happiness will drastically decrease. Understand that you can’t control every aspect of what happens to you.


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