Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments

Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments

Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments 

Massage – Trigger point massage is best for sciatica. The sciatic nerve, under the piriformis muscle, under the glutes. When it gets too tight it pinches the sciatic nerve, causing pain or numbness down through the leg. Message can sometimes relieve the pain.

Bath in Epsom Salt – Epsom salts can help relax the nerves and draw out toxins. Add about 2 cups to a hot bath. Soak for 20 minutes. The heat will help reduce inflammation.

Rest – Getting a day or two of complete rest can be very helpful also. Too much rest though, will make sciatica worse.

Cold Packs or Hot Packs – Use cold packs on the painful area for 20 minutes, a couple of times a day. After a couple of days, use hot packs or a heating pad on the area.

When Nothing is Working

When the pain does not subside with any of the treatments mentioned, or the pain suddenly increases. You should see a doctor. If you start to have trouble controlling, your bladder or your bowels. It is important to make sure nothing more serious is going on. See your doctor if the following things are present:

• Redness or swelling and warmth in the painful area.
• If you have had recent leg surgery. Blood clots can form, so rule it out.
• When there are red streaks starting in the painful area.
• When you suspect an infection.
• When you have a fever.

Who Typically Gets Sciatica

• Older people with herniated disks can end up with sciatica. Age causes the spine to weaken a bit.
• Weight gain can stress your spine, contributing to spine changes that result in sciatica. Many obese people suffer from the condition.
• People in occupations that require lifting heavy loads, or driving for long periods of time sometimes experience a case of sciatica.