Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments

Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments

Leg Pain And Numbness: The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments 

As we age, aches and pains become just a matter of life, however when they get to severe, we need to take action to reduce the problem. Leg pain and numbness can be caused by a number of different things. Among those things is arthritis, sciatica, varicose veins and a number of other conditions as well.

Leg Pain And Numbness- The Meaning And Non-Surgical Treatments

Sciatica is a condition that causes pain that radiates from the lower back down through your hips and down one or both legs. Many people have reported that it only affects one leg. The pain travels down the sciatic nerve, hence its name. It is sometimes caused by a herniated disk or when a narrowing of the spine compresses the sciatic nerve. The condition causes pain and some numbness along with inflammation in the affected leg or in both legs. Most cases of Sciatica can be resolved with non-surgical treatments. Surgery is only for severe cases.

There are natural treatments that can be very beneficial in treating Sciatica. These treatments include:

Chiropractic Treatment – A study from 2010 in the Journal of Manipulation and Physiological Therapeutics, claims that people with sciatica who received spinal manipulation, experienced the same degree of pain relief as those patients who had surgery. (I would choice spinal manipulation). Patients saw a chiropractor for 4 weeks, 3 times a week, then once a week, until their pain was dramatically reduced. For those who were helped, it lasted about one year. The procedure creates a response in the nervous system that relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

Acupuncture – A study in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, found that out of 30 sciatica patience followed, 17 reported complete relief from pain. Another 10 saw their symptoms improve.

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Yoga – A study in the journal of Pain showed that chronic back pain suffers, who practiced Ivengar Yoga for 16 weeks experienced a 64 percent reduction in pain. The reported a 77 percent reduction in disability. Yoga’s effects are less clear, but most reported some benefit. It is thought that yoga may strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. This can help the suffer move and function better.