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Here’s What Happens If You Drink One Glass of Rice Water a Day

Here's What Happens If You Drink One Glass of Rice Water a Day.

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Although many people may be unaware of its benefits, rice water is an extremely healthy drink that is chock-full of nutrients. You will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of drinking just one glass a day. It can provide extra energy, relieve constipation, and prevent some cancers. This old Asian recipe has been around for ages and is very easy and inexpensive to make.

Here's What Happens If You Drink One Glass of Rice Water a Day.

What is Rice Water and How do you Make it?

Rice water is rather self-explanatory. It can either be obtained by collecting the water from soaked dry grains prior to cooking or separating the starch water from the grains after boiling them.

The starch released from the boiling process contains beneficial amino acids and minerals. It is best to drink a glass immediately. If you would like to make a batch and place it in the fridge, it will keep for 2 to 3 days.

The Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

Rice is a high-source of many different types of vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins. According to WebMD, B vitamins are essential for the healthy function of skin cells.

Extracting the starch from the rice through boiling leaves a concentrated source of this vitamin, Although drinking the water is typical, many women use it as a tonic and wash their face and hair with it. Women from China and India credit their long dark hair to using rice water rinses. Many Asian women do not get grey hair until they are in their 90s.

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It’s Great for the Body

Rice water is a great carbohydrate source. This can provide substantial energy after consuming it. Not to mention, it has a large amount of fiber that promotes regularity and prevents constipation. It also prevents cancer due to antioxidant properties and prevents skin damage from the sun.

Due to it being cholesterol free and low in sodium, consuming it will not have a negative impact on weight management or the heart. It may even help with obesity due to the fact that it is virtually fat-free. It is also suitable for people with blood pressure and hypertension issues.

Rice water is excellent for babies as well. Mothers can mix rice water in their baby’s bath to treat skin rashes. It helps reduce fevers and cures diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues with the baby. It is safe enough for the baby to consume 4 oz. every 5 hours until the symptoms reduce.

It is Best to use Brown Rice

Just as you may already know, brown rice is healthier than white. To get the most out of your rice water, you should use brown rice only. According to LiveScience.com, white rice is a product of the bran and hull being removed. The bran contains most of the nutrients. Almost 90% of the B vitamins are stripped from the rice from processing it to white.

Other nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus and fiber are also greatly reduced. Some manufacturers of rice may “fortify” the product, but the nutrients are still at minimal levels.

The Bottom Line

There are truly endless reasons why drinking just one glass of rice water a day can improve your health. It is much more cost effective than purchasing health supplements or spending tons of money on commercialized beauty products. It is all natural and can be consumed in generous amounts without causing weight gain or harmful side effects. So next time you decide to cook a delicious pot of brown rice for a recipe, make sure you save the water! It is simply too good to waste.

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