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Ready To Lose 100 Pounds Without Exercise?- Read THIS

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Ready To Lose 100 Pounds Without Exercise?- Read THIS

Ready To Lose 100 Pounds Without Exercise?- Read THIS 

The Slow-Carb Diet was popularized by Tim Ferriss in his book, The 4-Hour Body. Ferriss lost about 25 lbs of body fat in six weeks on the diet. The basic premise of the diet is to stop eating anything sweet, dairy foods except for cottage cheese, starches, and caloric drinks and instead go for lean protein, vegetables, and legumes. Acceptable foods include eggs, grass-fed beef, fish, beans and lentils, fermented foods and drinks and unsweetened tea, coffee or water. Ferris says that if you’re not sure if the food is acceptable or not, it’s better to just avoid it.


This diet works so well because the human body either uses sugar and carbs that quickly turn to sugar or fat for energy. The type of fuel that your body is accustomed to burning makes a huge difference in maintaining your weight. Other calorie-restricting diets that are heavy in carbohydrates leave people cycling between sugar highs and lows, alternating between having lots of energy and fatigue, and wanting more sugar and carbs. This is one of the most difficult ways to lose weight.

By limiting carbs and sugar, the body uses and burns fat for fuel instead. When this approach is taken, the body has a constant supply of fuel when properly nourished, the excess fat melts away, and you don’t have to play the yo-yo hunger games because you’re eating more filling foods. You can actually lose weight while feeling full and you don’t even need to exercise! You are even allowed one cheat day per week when you can eat whatever you want from the banned foods list. Ferriss suggests using Saturday as your cheat day for social reasons.

This diet is based on Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Body, so for even more information, check out his book and get a diet buddy! A family member, friend or coworker can keep you accountable and make finding recipes, even more, fun.

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Breakfast should be eaten within half an hour of waking up and should include at least 30 grams of protein. Caffeine is fine, but caffeinated drinks must be unsweetened. The best beverage to drink is plain, filtered water. Many people enjoy eggs and a vegetable for breakfast because it’s a quick and easy dish, and lunch will basically be a lean protein and vegetables. Ferris allows tomatoes and avocados in moderation.

It can be challenging to eat out when dieting, but there are a few dishes to look out for, such as a burger without the bun, soups, grilled vegetables and fish, curries without rice or big salads with some protein added, but no cheese. Cheddar cheese is the only dairy allowed because of its low carb status, but it isn’t considered an ideal first choice for protein.

When you’re traveling, you can go for nut butter, cans of tuna, hard boiled eggs, canned beans or protein powders. Some other helpful tips are to buy frozen vegetables, prepare dried beans, buy in bulk when you can, avoid cutting calories and eat until you’re full. Each meal should include at least 20 grams of protein, with more for breakfast to keep you going until your next meal. It’s also recommended to eat slowly and enjoy yourself while you’re eating.

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