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Staying healthy on campus

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Staying healthy on campus

Here’s an informative infographic about students health on campus. There’re lots of reasons for college students to go more under debt due to the health related issues.
As a former student in one of the state universities who had the benefit of health insurance, I’m sharing my personal experience with you:

The burden of healthcare costs are too heavy for a young student and most students can’t afford to see a doctor. If you’re young student, you’re often unemployed/underemployed and you count every dollar. So paying $249 to see a doctor is definitly not an option. Even when you have health insurance, dealing with them is so frustrating. For example, last September, I visited a doctor and my insurance company paid the bill, but last week I got a call from the doctor’s office that the insurance company has canceled the payment! And how many months was that?!? 8 months! and now they sent me a bill for something that happened last year! I had to call them several times and still no results!

Another important issue for married students is the spouse health insurance. Although I had health insurance, but my spouse didn’t have insurance and you know it costs a fortune to get health insurance for your partner. I once asked our students office and they estimated it’d cost more than $700.00 per month for my spouse to get a legitimate insurance. Only a very small minority of students may afford to pay these high costs. And imagine if something bad happens…



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