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Planning A New Relationship? Check Which Personality Type You Are Most Compatible With?

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Planning A New Relationship? Check Which Personality Type You Are Most Compatible With?

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Planning A New Relationship? Check Which Personality Type You Are Most Compatible With?

Summary: Personality is a significant factor in a person’s ability to create and maintain relationships. The Enneagram system allows people to uncover their most important personality traits.

Enneagram system

Put simply, the Enneagram is a geometric figure that displays nine basic natural personality types and delineates their relationships with one another. The symbol behind the Enneagram dates as far back as ancient Greece, while the concept derives from Biblical teachings such as the Seven Deadly Sins and the Kabbalah. The psychological aspects of the system come from modern analyzes. The symbol was brought to the West in the early 20th century where it was used to correlate with teachings about the nine personality types.

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The system acts as a source of self-awareness that reveals personality traits (that might often go unnoticed) in order to avoid acting negatively. It also provides a framework for understanding oneself and with whom one associates. The basis of the Enneagram theory is that the nine personality types relate only to a unique set of other types.

The Reformer

Reformer types are ethical and moral with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are the advocates for change and improvement. These types are organized and realistic, but they can be overly critical or fearful of making mistakes. History is full of Reformer types that left their comfortable lives to pursue a goal of greater good.

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The Helper

Helpers are empathic, warm-hearted and sincere in their actions. They aim to make others happy to the point that they compromise or ignore their own needs. They are often motivated to help others in order to be needed or loved. These people feel that being generous and going out of their way to help others is the most fulfilling way to live.

The Achiever

The Achiever type is driven and image-conscious. They are self-assured, energetic and highly motivated by accomplishment to the point that they can be overly concerned about others’ opinions of them. Their main desire is to feel valuable and appreciated while their main fear is that of feeling worthless.

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The Individualist

Individualists are self-aware, sensitive, expressive and dramatic. They are honest and creative, but they can also be self-conscious. Individualists have a tendency to stay away from others due to feeling vulnerable, and they may feel disdain toward or exempt from typical patterns of living. At their best, they are inspired and highly creative.

The Investigator

The Investigator is insightful, alert and curious. They can concentrate and focus well to develop complex ideas and skills. Investigator types tend to be perceptive, isolated, secretive and innovative. On one hand they are independent and inventive, while on the other they can become preoccupied with their imaginative urges.

The Loyalist

Loyalists are committed and responsible but also anxious and suspicious. They are reliable, hard-working and trustworthy, but they can also be fueled by stress while simultaneously complaining about it. At their best, they are stable and self-reliant, but they can also have problems with self-doubt. Loyalists are motivated by the need to have a sense of security and to feel supported by others.

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The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast type is fun-loving, spontaneous and versatile. They are extroverts that can sometimes apply their abilities in the wrong ways to the point that they become scattered and undisciplined. Enthusiasts are always searching for new experiences, but they have issues with impatience and impulsive behavior. They want to maintain their sense of happiness and freedom.

The Challenger

The Challenger is powerful, self-confident and dominating with a tendency to be confrontational. They are straightforward and resourceful, but they can also be domineering and ego-centric. These types have problems with being vulnerable and letting their tempers get out of hand. At their best, they are self-mastering, inspiring, self-reliant and strong.

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The Peacemaker

Peacemakers are easy-going, complacent and agreeable. They are optimistic, trusting and supportive, but they can be so motivated to create harmony in any situation that they may be too willing to go along with others. They prefer to avoid and prevent conflict by solving problems and bringing people together.

The Enneagram system does not predict with certainty which personality types automatically click with others, but it can be useful for determining the most important qualities in one’s personality. These can be used to match with others with strong characteristics of the same type. While there are nine basic types, there are also many subtypes and variations within them. Personality is studied by determining how the many parts of one’s personality come together and interact, and human resource directors, business counselors and many other professionals find the Enneagram system to be quite helpful for personal growth and development.


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