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How dogs Improve Your Health

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How dogs Improve Your Health

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Can you imagine life without those cute little faces, funny tricks, and annoying but lovable barks? They pretty much sum up what a stress reliever should be, and truly, they make our lives a whole lot better. Who wouldn’t want a hug from a best friend who truly cares?

These are things you already know about dogs. What you don’t know is that they can actually improve your health in a scientific perspective. Other than decreasing your stress level, they can also aid in your general well-being.

Interested to know how it works?

Let’s talk about microbiomes. They are single-celled organisms present in the majority of substances found practically everywhere. In fact, they outnumber the cells in our body by 10-1, affecting our day to day to living in a more positive way. A good number of these microorganisms helps to alleviate our health generally as they are usually shared through a dog’s mouth, fur, and other parts of the body.

Check out this infographic to understand the link between a microbiome and your dog. Surely, you’d be surprised with what you’ll discover. Know more about how this can affect us scientifically.

How dogs Improve Your Health

This infographic is provided by A Place For Animals.

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