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A New Study Shows A Glass Of Red Wine Equals 1 Hour Workout At The Gym

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A New Study Shows A Glass Of Red Wine Equals 1 Hour Workout At The Gym

A New Study Shows A Glass Of Red Wine Equals 1 Hour Workout At The Gym

Raise your glass to the recent study done by the Canada’s University of Alberta. The study found that drinking a glass of red wine can give people similar health benefits to those they get from doing exercise. This is good news for wine lovers and people that are unable to exercise due to health issues. Researchers found that resveratrol, one of the compounds in red wine, seems to improve muscle strength, heart function, and physical performance similar to the way a session in the gym does. You can feel free to drink to those findings but only if its red wine.

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For some people, the body reacts to the Resveratrol in red wine the same way it does to modest exercise. This is not the first time science has given people the good news about red wine. Research has also shown red wine can regulate blood sugar, is good for the heart, prevents premature aging, and combats cancer and dementia. Now comes the news that wine can also improve the benefits people derive from light exercise and is just as good as an exercise in some cases. Now as you sip your wine, you can tell your significant other you’re drinking your way to good health.

It’s important to remember moderation is the key. The study looked at the impact a moderate amount of wine has on physical fitness. While results suggest one glass of wine gives similar health benefits to one hour in the gym, it does not recommend you forgo your gym membership and buy red wine instead. Many studies have shown the negative long-term impact of large amounts of alcohol. What researchers have said is a little red wine is good for the body. The study was published in the Journal of Physiology. It showed the research team gave some rats resveratrol for 12 weeks and they showed 21% better muscle function than the rats that did not get the resveratrol.

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The research, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and published in a peer review journal in late May, produced results that were so encouraging the Alberta Diabetes Institute is funding testing to see if resveratrol can improve heart function in diabetics that have suffered heart failure. The new study, which will last 10 weeks, is slated to start in a few months. The principal investigator of the study of Resveratrol in rats, Jason Dyck, expressed his satisfaction at seeing the reaction to the study of the impact of Resveratrol move from animal trials to human subjects so quickly.

The results of the study of Resveratrol, wine, rats, and cardiovascular health is welcome news for both wine lovers and people with physical disabilities. For wine lovers, it’s yet another reason to drink. For the physically challenged, the information provides them with an easy way to improve their health. The good news for people that do not like to drink is resveratrol is also found in blueberries, red grapes, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

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