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Does Plucking Gray Hair Really Cause Excessive Regrowth?

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Does Plucking Gray Hair Really Cause Excessive Regrowth?

Does Plucking Gray Hair Really Cause Excessive Regrowth? 

Take a look at before-and-after photos of Barack Obama, and it’s easy to appreciate the old adage of what having a stressful job will do to your hair. Although very few people will have to endure that level of stress, it’s difficult not to lay blame on workplace worries for that new patch of grays that seem to have sprouted overnight.


Regardless of age, the number of unfortunate victims of gray hair is increasing on a daily basis. Whether young or old, finding gray hair is no laughing matter. While some tend to take it in stride, others are downright mortified and wage an all-out war against the enemy. But does plucking gray hair make three grow back?

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Debunking The Gray Hair Myth
According to an article published in Science News, if you’ve noticed a few gray strands here and there, stress is most likely the culprit. Whether it’s due to pressure at work or worrying about the state of the economy, it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more people are going gray. Even though experts once reported that there was no true connection between going gray and stress, recent studies have shown otherwise and that your first inclination is correct being stressed will cause premature grays.

Moreover, studies also revealed that strong link between stress levels and gray hair. When we are under constant stress, we produce more hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in the hair follicles. The end result is deactivation of the two enzymes responsible for repairing hair follicles, namely MSRB and MRSA. Without these two enzymes, the hydrogen peroxide bleaches our hair resulting in a stressed-out mane.

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Does Plucking Cause Excessive Regrowth?

grey hair
Thankfully, this is one myth that can be put to rest. While plucking gray hair won’t result in you waking up with three more than before, it’s not advisable since it can permanently damage the hair follicle leading weaker strands and possible bald patches. This goes for plucking of your eyebrows as well.

If you simply can’t handle the silver-fox look, you have two options hen it comes to coloring. You use the semi-permanent product to restore your color, or you can enlist the help of a professional to banish those grays for good. Remember though once you use color, you need to maintain it approximately every two months.

If is ready to embrace your hair as is, stock up on shampoo that will bring out the shine in your hair. Gray hair often looks lackluster, so using a blue-based shampoo can help to make your hair look healthier and brighter. Smoke, sunlight and wax-based products can make hair look dull and washed out.

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